The Suddenly Offensively Offensive SEC: The Disease of Averageness Is Spreading

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

I am sure everyone out there was saying wow, it is tough to play in the SEC after Ole Miss and Mississippi State beat Vanderbilt and Florida respectively. Then I am sure they were saying the same thing when LSU had trouble with Mississippi State, as well as Auburn having trouble with them.

But let’s be honest: Ole Miss is no world-beater (not yet). They are more like the early Arkansas teams the Right Reverend had, the ones that beat a good team or two but are not really that good yet.

Mississippi State? Well, anyone who saw that Louisiana Tech game, and subsequent Louisiana Tech games (which I am guessing only a Tech and/or a die-hard college football fan saw), has noticed that Louisiana Tech is not that good.

Auburn is so bad on offense that they fired their offensive coordinator midweek, midseason. That is the same offense that scored their third-most points of the season on LSU, one less than the 27 they put on Southern Miss.

So how good is LSU? Well, I never thought they should have been third. I always thought they were at least a 10 to 15 team (and I am teetering on that after the Florida game). LSU has serious problems at QB, but to be fair they will be fine next year (Jarrett Lee looks like the real deal).

The major overlooked problem is the defense. The defense did not look good against Auburn considering how Tennessee, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas all did a better job than LSU.

Oh yeah, remember the Mississippi State game against LSU? That game was Mississippi State’s second-highest point output of the season.

Let us not forget Tennessee, South Carolina, and Kentucky, who are at least playing decent to great defense. Tennessee is wasting a championship defense, as is South Carolina, but hey—that is what really, really, really bad offense does. Ask Auburn.

South Carolina scored 23 points on a Wofford team that was giving up 30 points a game at the time. South Carolina has seems to have found their offense though after the past two wins over Ole Miss and Kentucky.

We all know about Tennessee’s troubles. Just look at the Northern Illinois game where they managed 13 points. Western Michigan and Minnesota were able to score more points than that on the Huskies—and all those games were road games for Northern Illinois

Look, I am not saying the SEC is bad, but it is not far and away the toughest thing going. I mean, there are some seriously average teams running around in that conference, and a lot more of them than ESPN would like you to think.