Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: 10 Young Players Who Could Become Legends

Brandon Cavanaugh@ IMay 12, 2011

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: 10 Young Players Who Could Become Legends

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    All eyes are on the Nebraska Cornhuskers that are household names such as Rex Burkhead, Jared Crick, Lavonte David and Alfonzo Dennard.

    Soon, all four will be gone and members of the freshest crops of Cornhuskers will have to step up to take their place.

    It takes an enormous amount of talent, perseverance and sacrifice to become a college football legend either within a program or across the sport’s landscape.

    10 Nebraska players have the potential to become the next big thing.

Taylor Martinez

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    Despite the difficulties that Martinez has gone through as of late, his future is in his own hands.

    He has all of the necessary physical tools to continue developing into an even better athlete than he is today which is an astounding idea.

    Martinez’s main flaw appears to be the mental aspect, specifically a lack of confidence.

    If he can regain his swagger from early in the 2010 season, believe in himself and rally the team around him, the comparisons to Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch may become far more apt down the road.

Brion Carnes

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    It might be the genes that Carnes shares with his cousin Tommie Frazier or it could be that Carnes is just that good.

    The redshirt freshman looked spectacular during Nebraska’s final spring scrimmage as he gave the finest performance of all quarterbacks that day.

    Carnes’ movement, speed and overall athletic ability have some very familiar aspects that make many fans recall Frazier’s glory days as a Cornhusker.

    Could Carnes be yet another Manatee High School-generated force for the Big Red?

Braylon Heard

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    Heard is easily one of the best running back prospects to come out of the potent recruiting area that is Ohio in years.

    How fortunate for the Pelini brothers that not only was he within their connections' reach, but he was walking through the same halls that they did at Cardinal Mooney High School.

    Heard’s running style is reminiscent of former Nebraska running back Lawrence Phillips.

    Phillips managed to combine a punishing first few steps with blazing speed once he got to the second level of a defense.

    Heard brings the same ability with none of the baggage.

Aaron Green

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    Green is easily one of the best prospects from last cycle’s recruiting crop, second only to Bubba Starling.

    While Rex Burkhead and Braylon Heard will likely hold the first two spots on the depth chart, his sheer athletic ability alone should get him some carries and perhaps some time on the field with the return units.

    Green may start off his career with glimpses of what's to come, but he has every necessary skill to become yet another terror in Nebraska’s backfield.

Jamal Turner

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    There’s no argument amongst any of the Nebraska faithful that Jamal Turner is a special player.

    How special is yet to be seen, but if his display during the Cornhuskers’ Red-White spring game was any indication of how he’ll play on Saturdays, he could be the next best thing to Husker great Johnny Rodgers.

    That comparison has been on the lips of many who saw Turner’s exploits in mid-April.

    Between his Desean Jackson-style somersault flip into the end zone and 228 all-purpose yards that day, it’s easy to see why the future is so bright for Turner.

Tyler Moore

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    Nebraska’s 2010-2011 haul of offensive lineman is easily the best in a decade or more.

    The crown jewel of this boatload of talent is Tyler Moore who has been on campus since last December and even participated in the Red-White scrimmage before being relieved due to potential injury.

    Moore is the type of offensive lineman that can be seen starting for multiple seasons back-to-back.

    He may very well carry the mantle of another Cornhusker Outland Trophy winner in a few years.

Ryan Klachko

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    Klachko is right next to Moore as an athlete that can and will make an impact on the offensive line immediately.

    He is the type of lineman that Nebraska fans love.

    Known as “The Mad Russian,” Klachko’s motor never quits and he isn’t afraid to get physical in the trenches.

    He has made it publicly known that he’s not about to play patty-cake with opposing defensive linemen.

    Klachko’s personal motto is if his man doesn’t go down, he’s not doing his job.

    This is the attitude of a champion.

David Santos

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    Nebraska fans are unanimously in the corner of linebacker sensation Lavonte David.

    Imagine David in the system as a true freshman ready to be molded into the lethal weapon that he is today.

    That comparison more than adequately illustrates the ability and potential of Santos.

    It’s possible Santos’ duties won’t be limited to the special teams units this season.

    He’s likely to get some quality playing time and may even find his way behind David as the No. 2 Will linebacker.

Charles Jackson

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    It seems like Nebraska continues to find some of the best talent to plug into a secondary that has been one of the country’s most dangerous since Bo Pelini took over the program.

    That talent seemingly gets younger every year.

    Jackson will step onto campus with a legitimate shot at earning a starting spot opposite Alfonzo Dennard, but sophomore Ciante Evans will see that Jackson gets his best shot for that bid.

    That may not be enough to stop Jackson from starting this season.

Ciante Evans

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    LINCOLN, NE - OCTOBER 30: Defensive back Ciante Evans #17 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers fails to pick off a pass for wide receiver Wes Kemp #8 of the Missouri Tigers during second half action of their game at Memorial Stadium on October 30, 2010 in Lincoln,
    Eric Francis/Getty Images

    This isn’t to say that Evans isn’t a stud in the making.

    It’s not a reach to say that Jackson and Evans may very well be the No. 1 cornerback pairing for the 2012 season.

    Should anything happen to Dennard or if Nebraska finds themselves in blowout situations early in the year, the duo may very well make their debut before then.

    Evans showed that he has poise and physicality last season.

    The only thing that could stop him from becoming another early round NFL draft pick under Pelini’s watch is himself.

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