Green Bay Packers: 'Asomugha to Packers Makes Zero Sense' Story Makes Zero Sense

Nicholas KashianContributor IIMay 16, 2011

Adding Asomugha to the Packers secondary would give them the potential to be the best of all time.
Adding Asomugha to the Packers secondary would give them the potential to be the best of all time.Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

I'll admit any scenario in which the NFL's premier cornerback, Nnamdi Asomugha, could end up on Ted Thompson's free agent-poor Green Bay Packers is at beyond a long-shot.  

However, if one takes a minute to look at the situation, the possibility seems less remote.

First, I'll go out on a limb and assume Nnamdi is a very rich man, coming off a contract that paid him $45.3 million over his last three seasons in Oakland.

Second, Asomugha has played 8 seasons in the NFL, never reaching the playoffs or even posting a winning season. 2010's 8-8 mark was the Raiders' best during his career. 

Third, (another assumption) at this point in his career, I think Nnamdi would relish a chance to consistently play on a Super Bowl contender.  

Fourth, he has a friendship with Charles Woodson that dates back to his rookie season.  Although Woodson said he would not be making any recruiting calls, he also said in the same interview that he would be willing to move to safety to accommodate Nnamdi, if (Green Bay defensive coordinator) Dom Capers thought signing Asomugha was the best move in order to win another championship in 2011.  

Fifth, it's hard to believe Dom Capers wouldn't love to add Nnamdi Asomugha to his defense. 

So if the rumor that Nnamdi would be willing to take less money for a chance to win turns out to be true, there's no better place for him to go than Green Bay.

With young stars on offense and defense like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, the Packers are poised for a decade of success.

Adding running back Ryan Grant (returning from injury), tight end (and budding star) Jermichael Finley, and Nnamdi Asomugha to a starting lineup that managed to win the Super Bowl would build a team with the potential to be the greatest of all time. Grant and Finley missed most of the 2010 season with injuries, and having them (along with Asomugha) in 2011 would be huge.

Personally, I believe the Packers are poised to repeat with or without Asomugha, but having a player of his caliber would set the team up well for the future when Charles Woodson hangs it up.  

As general manger, you must make decisions that allow your team to compete for a Super Bowl every season. Thompson has done a great job of doing so, and landing Asomugha at a discount would be a significant coup for the Packers and a personal accomplishment for Thompson. The move would virtually assure his team a smooth transition into the post-Charles Woodson era, which should be taken as seriously as the post-Favre era was within the Thompson regime.  

The idea is to build a dynasty, not just a one year wonder, or as former Packers general manger Ron Wolf termed the Packers 96' championship, " A fart in the wind."  

In my mind, the Packers have the opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity that Nnamdi Ashomogha's free agency presents. Asomugha's friendship with Charles Woodson and Green Bay's ascending position within the league make the Packers an attractive destination that shouldn't be dismissed off-hand. For the packers, adding Asomugha could be as important as drafting Aaron Rodgers was during in 2005, when a legitimate number one pick slid to the Packers at number 24.