ASU Track Coach and Former NAU Athletes Help Youth in Arizona Field Day

Christopher Adams@@ChrisAdams3Correspondent IMay 16, 2011

Arizona State Assistant Track & Field Coach, Kenny McDaniel, volunteers his time for the children.
Arizona State Assistant Track & Field Coach, Kenny McDaniel, volunteers his time for the children.

U Saved Me Guidance & Development Inc., with the partnership of 21st Century, recently held a family field day at John R. Davis Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ.

The organization welcomed all children from third grade and up to participate in events such as the 40, 100, 200 and 400-yard dashes, various relays, shot puts and long jumps, among many others.

U Saved Me is a professional 501(c)3 non-profit therapeutic sports and mentoring organization that works to unite and empower families. Led by a team of mentors, coaches and former collegiate athletes from Northern Arizona University, U Saved Me was founded by former Northern Arizona University wide receiver and graduate Kynlyn Raufeem Jackson.

With the appreciated assistance of the 21st Century Grant Program, U Saved Me has continued their growth operating in the Roosevelt School District as an after school sports mentorship program. The aim of the organization is to provide youth with structured workouts, while giving an advantage to all students by promoting personal self development in accordance with healthy, positive activities and self-esteem.

Among the numerous supporters present was Eric Stine, the Vice President of Operations for Freddy’s Steak and Burgers, who currently owns and operates three franchises in the valley and one in Flagstaff, AZ.

During the event, Mr. Stine expressed that he “loves what Coach Jackson is doing with the kids to bring positive activities and support into their lives, and...can tell the kids absolutely love what the coaches offer them.”

To aid the children, Eric brought coolers full of water bottles, bananas, oranges and other nutritious elements for the kids to enjoy throughout the day.

The children were also honored with special guests including the Arizona State University women’s sprint, hurdles and relays coach, Kenny McDaniel, and Monique Young from the Phoenix Suns dance team.

Coach McDaniel volunteered his assistance by leading the warm-ups for all of the children in attendance and was the designated starting official for the various races and field events.

McDaniel, with his extensive background and knowledge in track and field, gave inspiring speeches to the children throughout the day, pushing them to succeed and encouraged them to earn scholarships at the collegiate level through academia and/or sports.

The turnout was a huge success, as a large number of children and their families came out for a relaxing day full of healthy activities. Participation in the events was purely voluntary with the children, as many enjoyed watching and cheering on their peers.

A pair of the older children involved in the program, Devon and Cynthia, had great things to say about participating, stating “it’s just a great way to remain active, healthy and stay away from all of the bad things out there on the streets.”

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