Blaine Gabbert Inconsistency Questions About Starting Answered

Antonio FurgiueleContributor IMay 17, 2011

TEMPE, AZ - DECEMBER 28:  Quarterback Blaine Gabbert #11 of the Missouri Tigers flips the ball during the Insight Bowl against the Iowa Hawkeyes at Sun Devil Stadium on December 28, 2010 in Tempe, Arizona.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A previous article by Eli Nachmany stated three questions on Blaine Gabbert as a future starter. 

He stated:

1) "If Gabbert can't run a play action, how will he start in Jacksonville? "

2) "If Gabbert can't deliver a consistently deep ball, how will he start in Jacksonville?"

3) "If Gabbert can't have a cool demeanor in the pocket, how will he start in Jacksonville?"

Let me answer those questions through evidence. 

Jon Gruden QB illustrates that Gabbert doesn't sell the play action well because he isn't working hard to fake the hand off. He compares him to Peyton Manning who gives a consistent hardworking effort to fake the run. Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, and to see how the best do it, Gabbert will undoubtedly practice and perfect the play action to elevate his game. If he does not, the play may result in a sack or an incomplete pass. 

If you have doubts that Gabbert can't throw a deep ball, watch at :20 where he throws from his own 14-yard line to the Illinois 36-yard line. 

Again at 2:25, from the Illinois 38 to the back of the end zone 

Again 5:00 from his own 39 to the Illinois 28

Again 6:30 from the opponent 20 to the corner of the end zone

Again 7:35 from his own 42 to the opponent 15

Again 8:38 from his own 45 to the end zone

Again 10:32 from the opponent 39 to the end zone

All those plays are from Mizzou vs. Illinois. If you watch carefully and listen to the commentary, he tends to throw a bit behind or in front of his receivers. If Gabbert gets the ball where it needs to be, an NFL receiver could make a play.

Gabbert also focuses on quick releases, and having four to five-man receiver sets without a running back will drastically change defenses in the NFL. Gabbert will be coached to fine tune his mechanics in order to get the ball on point as he's shown. This has landed him as the top quarterback prospect this year.

Need more evidence?, 

Need more? (first half of the segment) :

Gabbert will have better receivers on the Jaguars and a much better offensive line in front of him to give him more time. Mizzou's spread offense had multiple receiver sets that excelled in quick throws. When his receivers weren't open, the "happy feet" came into play, as Gabbert attempted to make a play while scrambling. 


That being said, I understand the happy feet remark. Gabbert has the bounce of a goalie during a penalty shot. That movement aids in reaction time by maintaining motion which is much quicker than starting from a dead stop. His offensive line couldn't block three-man rushes from time to time. The Jags have two polished tackles with Monroe and Britton, and a fresh G crop with veteran backups and an aging center.

The Jacksonville O-Line is made up of either top prospects or veterans with consistent starting play and experience.

The Jags have never exactly had a deep threat receiver, and play a short receiving game as a compliment to the run, which appears to be in Garrard's' comfort zone.

Garrard will be the answer this year, and Gabbert will be the answer to the future.

Gabbert will be coached up, and will practice his footwork and pocket presence to be an NFL starter in the coming years.