Keith Jardine Vs. Techno Viking

Frank SanchezCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

This is HUGE! While The Dean of Mean Keith Jardine was out in Europe, a man known only as The Techno Viking took notice...The Techno Viking, hailing from the great European north, he was strolling about in a club during a rave. He went outside to get some air and what should he see? He saw a flyer for a thing called UFC in Birmingham, England.

Techno Viking was displeased as there was a man called Jardine that may have profited in some way from having the gracious gift of looking like the Techno Viking. The Techno Viking showed up to this UFC and asked to speak to the man called Jardine.

The UFC officials, with full knowledge on how Keith Jardine loves to kid around, allowed the Techno Viking in, but failed to see that this was not Jardine but another man. After a few rough directions the Techno Viking walked into the dressing room of this Jardine. Jardine stood up in pure amazement as if he were looking into a 3D mirror.

One of the staffers so happened to speak the language of the dancing norseman, as he explained himself and demanded that Jardine explain himself. Completely astonished, Jardine decided to humor the Techno Viking.

The Techno Viking, not willing to have his long trip go to waste had only one thing to ask of this Jardine, come out to the music of the Techno Viking or pay the consequences. Keith, not willing to risk injury before a huge fight decided to honor the request...Slayed by Overseer...

The Techno Viking would've been pleased, however this Jardine did not honor the second part of the request, and that was to dance as he walked. Since Jardine did not comply, he challenged Jardine to a rave off at a venue to be determined on "All Hallows Eve..."

So lets size up the match up:

Jardine has beaten some of the best—Light Heavyweight Champion Forest Griffin and former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell.

But what about the Techno Viking you ask? This is all you need to know. Click here—TechnoViking.

As you can see by this video, this brings back memories of Jardine vs. Wanderlei. He should steer clear of this match, but I am sure the Techno Viking will not soon let Jardine off the hook.

So here is what we know

Rave Battle: Keith Jardine vs Techno Viking

Site: TBD

Day: All Hallows Eve/Halloween/October 31st

Time: Midnight

Judges: Paula Abdul, Andy Dick, and Shayne Sparks. Hosted and officiated by Mario Lopez with music by Justin Timberlake.

Promoted by: Zuffa and Randy Jackson Entertainment

Let's all hope the Jardine doesnt make a fool of himself and completely blow out his knee in this.