Busy Day in Big D

Patrick SchusterCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2008
First news of the day is Pacman is out at least four games and may have played his last game in Big D. On paper it seems a rather harsh suspension for something that didn't result in a police report, an arrest, or any visible proof which tells me that there is a lot more not being disclosed. Jerry Jones has almost sprained his ankle getting away from Pacman so you know if Jerry doesn't see any value left Pacman's days in the NFL may be over.
The next big news was that Dallas pulled the trigger to get Roy Williams from the Lions. The media (and when I say that I mean ESPN) are going crazy saying "Oh my God three picks for Roy Williams."
Let's take a closer look at the trade.
Dallas gets Roy Williams, a 26 year old player, who measures 6-3, has played four plus years with a lousy franchise but has a total of 262 receptions and 29 TDs. Williams will eventual replace TO as the go-to WR and until then will give Dallas a pair of WRs to challenge any duo in the league. Reports show Dallas just signed him to a 5 year extension so he's locked up for awhile. Plus he loves the city of Dallas and wants to be there.
Dallas also gets the Lions 7th round pick.
Detroit gets Dallas #1, #3 and #6 in the 2009 draft. Let's take a closer look at that in reality.
#1st round pick would have likely been spent on a WR and certainly not been able to get someone close to Williams's talent at the spot they are likely to be selecting. Plus we all know it takes most wide receivers two to three years to develop and by that point TO would be all but finished w/his career. Plus does anyone remember Charlie Rodgers and Mike Williams ??
3rd round selection. They kept the 3rd they got from Cleveland and trade their own which likely will be lower than the Browns pick they'll be getting.
6th round selection. Again they traded their own pick while holding onto the likely higher selection they are getting from Miami for the Jason Ferguson trade last year.
They also now have two 7th round picks (by getting one from Detroit).
After this trade Dallas now sits without a first round pick, 1 second round pick, 1 third round pick, two fourths and fifths, one six and two seventh round. Not to shabby!!!
This also certainly does not include the compensatory picks they'll likely get for Julius Jones, Jacques Reeves and Nate Jones all who left without Dallas signing a vet to replace them.
It also ignores that a team with as much talent as Dallas currently has locked up for many years they would certainly not be able to have an over abundance of draft picks to also bring into the fold. Someone will need to explain how adding a proven talent at WR for a low #1 pick and not being shut out of any round besides the first is such a bad move (I mean you Mike Wilboun).
Nice move Jerry!!
The Cowboys also signed a new punter by the name of Sam Paulescu if anyone cares.