Advice to Lions: Get the Ball to Calvin Johnson

Ja Tonio LewisContributor IOctober 20, 2008

The Detroit Lions began Sunday's game versus the Texans in a familiar situation.

More than once this season the Lions opened the game with a 21-point deficit. In a few of these games they resembled a professional football team as they made heroic comebacks. However, these heroics were too little too late, as inevitably the game ended with a Detroit loss.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday's game against Houston, the Lions held their opponent scoreless, while using the abusive talents of Calvin Johnson to pull them within seven. Johnson would end the game with only two catches (for a 154 yards and one touchdown), but one is left to ponder the results of this game if he had been more involved in the offensive gameplan. The coaches used this "beast of a receiver" well, but obviously he could be used a little more liberally.

Detroit quarterback Dan Orlovsky said, "We're trying to do things to help us win, but I need to do a better job of getting [Calvin Johnson] the ball."

So, what's next for this poorly performing club? The only place the Lions have to go is up. With the Redskins coming to town, Detroit is sure to be considered the underdog. There are a lot of good things in place for the Lions to build on, but they will be playing one of the finest football clubs presently in the league.

If this writer could offer any advice it would be to Dan Orlovsky. That advice is, "remember No. 81. Play the game, but remember no. 81." If Dan can remember No. 81, the Lions may not have to surge. They may simply have to sustain. However, I suspect (yet hope otherwise) the Lions will fall to 0-7.