WWE: Alex Riley Splits from the Miz. What Happens Now?

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMay 24, 2011

Last night on Raw, we saw the official split between The Miz and Alex Riley. It’s too early to tell if it was the right choice to make or if the decision to split them up was made too soon. However, it's never too late for the IWC to speculate about it.

Was it the right choice to keep The Miz heel and turn Alex Riley face? Let’s go more in depth into the developing situation.

So, last night The Miz put all of the blame on Alex Riley for failing to regain the WWE Championship. Miz berated his associate, then finally fired him from his personal service contract. At this point, Riley had enough and decided to unleash a ferocious beat-down on his one-time mentor. So what happens now?

Well, naturally a feud between Miz and Riley will ensue. After six months, The Miz is officially away from the World Title picture. The initial reaction is to view this feud as a step down for The Miz, but if you look beyond what’s on the surface, this is a great opportunity for The Miz.

Miz has never been in this position before. He was pushed to the moon and well now, he’s back on solid ground. How will he react to it? Everyone from the fans to Vince McMahon will now focus on The Miz and see how he handles the situation.

It’s a very pivotal time for The Miz. While he steps away from the main title picture, he has the chance to create a star.

We all know that a split between Miz and Riley would happen eventually, well here it is. Miz has already done so much for Riley, and now he has the chance to see his project all the way through. If Miz shows the same determination and intensity in this new feud that he showed when he was WWE Champion, it’ll benefit everyone involved.

It all depends on how The Miz approaches this new assignment (which some might view as a demotion). You can tell a lot about someone when you see how he reacts to losing the title for the first time and how he operates without said title.

Now let’s get to Alex Riley. There’s no doubt about it, it’s sink or swim time for the NXT alum. Can the big man stay afloat as a singles competitor?

The initial reaction to Riley’s beat-down of Miz was a very strong one. A strong ‘Riley’ chant could be heard as he put the boots to The Miz. Can Riley keep the momentum going?

In many ways, Riley mirrored The Miz. He was brash and cocky but now does that just go away with the face turn?

A similar thing happened to Randy Orton when he initially turned face in 2004 after winning his first World Title. Orton lost so many of the things that got him over and made him World Champion. Needless to say, the face-turn was a major flop.

When Orton turned face again last year, the WWE learned from their mistake and Orton retained most of the same qualities. Orton has never been more popular. 

Where will WWE decide to take Alex Riley? Will he be given a complete character make-over and lose so much of what makes him interesting, or will they allow Riley to maintain most of his same traits even though it appears he is now face?

WWE needs to look no further than at their current World Champion as there is no better example than Randy Orton when it comes to going from heel to face. It’s happened on two major occasions; it was handled in two very different ways and both had two very different outcomes.

Alex Riley’s time is now. It’s sink or swim time and his wrestling future (as far as being a main-event player) depends on what he does in the upcoming weeks.

It’s been said that you can’t stop the truly talented, truly determined ones from rising to the top. Well, we will find out shortly if Alex Riley is truly talented, truly determined and if he can truly stand on his own. Your time is now Riley, show us what you got.