What Has Lewis Hamilton Done To Formula 1 Racing?

Miles KentCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Lewis Hamilton helped recapture the worlds interest in Formula 1 racing after a stunning debut season in 2007. Since then, his performances have continued to attract audiences and broader interest in motorsport. If he wins the racing title in the penultimate race of this season, he will regain their attention once more.

When Hamilton began performing on the Formula 1 circuits around the world, the British media took a great interest in his progression to becoming a great driver and played a big role in making him a household name.

Hamilton's skills on the track complimented the hype as he began to build a reputation as a driver who was comfortable not playing by the book to win, much to the annoyance of his fellow competitors. As he won more and more races, a media frenzy transformed the exposure of the English starlet and his skills as well as the exposure of Formula 1.

Top companies from around the globe where quick to cling onto the coat tails of the new racing icon, not passing up the opportunity to forge extremely lucrative sponsorship deals. Tag Heuer, Vodafone and Santander are just some of the institutions that have capitalized on brand Hamilton.

The media circus will return in force once more this weekend as record numbers are expected to tune in to the last race of the season, to see if Hamilton will win his first championship. He, like other champions, have a rare ability to attract neutrals to the sport.

His sole presence on the track in Brazil this weekend will draw millions of viewers who haven't bothered to follow the F1 season until now and that is the power Lewis Hamilton has been able to achieve with his talents.