Dirt Sheets: Their Effect on Pro Wrestling & Pro Wrestling Fans

Jake MillironContributor IIMay 26, 2011

In the age of “on demand” where anything and everything is accessible at any given time, the internet wrestling community thrives on any spoilers or backstage information it can get. 

Case in point, the WWE recently aired vignettes about 2/21/11, and speculation is running rampant.  The New York Daily News reported that Sting had signed with the WWE, something wrestling fans have wanted for years (myself included). 

The WWE capitalized on the interest by keeping the vignettes very vague, only to have the upcoming surprise revealed as The Undertaker.  While the return of the Dead Man wasn’t a bad thing, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to hear Sting hadn't signed with the company. 

Another example of the negative effect dirt sheets have on wrestling: Royal Rumble 2011.  Booker T and Kevin Nash returning to the WWE after their stints in TNA was completely ruined by the internet.  I would rather have been surprised to see Nash and Booker come through the curtain instead of knowing and waiting for them to walk out.

These may be mild, but it’s instances like these that give dirt sheets and the internet wrestling community the reputation they have.  I do not consider WrestlingVoice to be a dirt sheet.  This site is a collection of writers who are pro wrestling fans expressing themselves on a sport they love.

One of the most recent stories to surface within the IWC was the John Morrison/Trish Stratus/Melina/Any Other Guy Melina Wants situation.  Stratus confirmed Morrison gave her the cold shoulder at WrestleMania, and for what?  His girlfriend didn’t get any airtime?  Like it or not, Trish Stratus will always draw more ratings than Morrison or Melina.  On the other side of the story, it was reported Morrison will allow Melina to date and/or have sex with other men.  It was also reported Morrison will accompany Melina on her dates with other men.  How this qualifies as wrestling news is beyond me. 


“Mistico Signs With the WWE”

“Chris Jericho and Shane Helms Arrested ”

“Title Changes Hands at House Show”


Those are the type of wrestling headlines I like to see.  News/information that impacts the shows I watch.  Not the Melrose Place/90210 headlines like the story above.

Sure, every wrestling fan wants to know some backstage dirt, but at what point is too much?  I personally don’t care what Morrison and Melina do in their personal lives.  Not every fan will agree with my perspective, but some may.

I remember in the 80’s and 90’s surprises were surprises, and weren’t spoiled by reading PWI or WWE magazine.  I’m not saying dirt sheets are bad, and I’m not saying the IWC is bad.  Ultimately, it’s the reader’s decision to read certain “news” pieces but is “‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan Spotted at KMART Buying Shampoo really news? 

Sure, that’s an exaggeration, but with the way breaking news is within the IWC, it might just be the next headline you read.