Inducting Macho Man Randy Savage into the 2012 WWE HOF: Is Vince Too Late?

Jake MillironContributor IIMay 26, 2011

We all know there are no standards or set requirements to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince McMahon makes the decisions based on his own personal feelings. Many wrestling fans, including myself, disagree with this, but does that really matter to Vinnie Mac?


Randy Savage should have been inducted into the WWE HOF years ago.  Now that Savage has passed away, it's almost a guarantee he will be inducted next year.

Is it too late, though?  My personal opinion is if Savage is inducted next year, there will be some sort of backlash from the fans.  It's a travesty that Vince has neglected Macho Man for so many years.

Regardless of the reason Vince and Savage had a falling out, Vince has had no problems in the past reconciling with performers he's had issues with.

So why so much hatred toward Randy Savage?

The man was just as, if not more important to the WWF explosion in the 1980s as Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.

Savage may not have held as many titles as other superstars, but when he held a title, it meant something.  Savage is regarded by many to be the greatest intercontinental champion of all time.  His contributions to the business are invaluable. 

So why has he been ignored?  And how the hell are Pete Rose and Drew Carey in the WWE HOF before one of the guys that's responsible for the WWE's success?

As I said before, Savage deserved to be in the HOF years ago.  Now that he's gone, it's left a cloud over the WWE and the fans.

When will Savage be inducted? Who knows.

All I know is the only way there can be some sort of closure to the issues between Savage and McMahon is that Savage be inducted into the 2012 WWE HOF by none other than Vinnie Mac himself.  I want to see McMahon eat his words and be subjected to whatever the fan reaction may be.

The bottom line is, Vince screwed the pooch. 

Will there be retribution for the Macho Man? Hopefully. 

If Vince values the fans who helped him build his empire—the ones who've been there since the very first WrestleMania, the ones that stood in line for days to get the first tickets to the local Raw or Smackdown, the ones like me who've invested their time, money and emotions into a business we love.

You screwed up, Vince.

Now it's time for you to make it right.


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