Michigan Dominance Over "Little Brother"

Jason BarczyCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

How much do I love Michigan-Michigan State week?

To be honest, it's my favorite time of the year—more so than Christmas, my birthday, or any other time of year.

Why? Because I never laugh more or louder than during this week at all the trash talk MSU fans muster up despite their continued mediocrity throughout history.

Those silly little Sparties dish out so much garbage that it piles up higher than that landfill of a stadium they play in. Yet Michigan State's play on the field stinks just as much year in and year out.

Michigan is 67-28-5 all time against MSU and has won six consecutive (which should actually be eight if it wasn't for Spartan Bob). The Wolverines are actually 31-9 in the last 40 games.

So how is it that MSU fans actually work up the nerve to talk any kind of trash to Michigan fans leading up to this game?

It's called alcohol and low self-esteem—both of which can be found in East Lansing in great abundance.

No really though, I don't know how they do it, but it's hilarious.

They call us arrogant and elitists who stick their noses up because we think we're better than they are. Well duh, we are. Look at the record, morons. Better yet, let's take a look at the games MSU has won during my lifetime.

I'm 26 and was born on July 26, 1982. Over that time, Michigan is 19-7 against the Spartans.

Only four of these wins will I consider legitimate, and those are '99, '95, '93 and '87.

2001: Michigan State 26, Michigan 24

This is perhaps the worst officiated game in the history of college football. It led to the NCAA not allowing home officials handling the clock.

Why? Because the clock doesn't stop when the ball hits the ground, rather when the official waves his arms. Anyone who has watched college or professional football knows this.

Jeff "Coker" Smoker should never have had the opportunity for one more play. But even before that there was a crap call against Jeremy LeSueur for 15 yards that never should've been called.

Sparty fans can thank "Spartan Bob," whoever that is, for the win.

1990: Michigan State 28, Michigan 27

If there was ever a more blatant pass interference non-call in history, please, enlighten me.

Never mind that had overtime rules actually existed then, Michigan would've just kicked the PAT and won in overtime.

But Desmond Howard was clearly interfered with on the attempted two-point conversion to win the game.

That was the last time MSU has won in the Big House, and hopefully come Saturday it will continue to be their last.

1984: Michigan State 19, Michigan 7

Jim Harbaugh had a broken collarbone and was out of the game. This was a time in Michigan football history when the Wolverines did not have a full stable of NFL quarterbacks.

So who did Michigan turn to that year? Chris Zurbrugg.

Way to go Sparties for beating up on Chris Zurbrugg. Real nice win there.

Other than these three borderline illegitimate games, the other four wins are also suspect. The losses in 1999 and '95 were both by three points in games where Michigan was ranked higher than Michigan State.

Translation: Michigan should've won, but I'll give MSU credit. They outplayed the Wolverines on those days.

Losses in 1993 (17-7) and 1987 (17-11) were complete anomalies to me. Michigan was ranked in the top 15 in both games and just came out and laid an egg.

Basically, in my 26 years of existence, at no point was MSU better than Michigan in any aspect.

After most recent losses, the trash talk reverts back to how they can't wait for basketball season. I'm sorry, but wins on the football field carry more weight than one on the hardwood any day.

One basketball win barely equates to leading a football game after the first quarter. More people in the state of Michigan care way more about football than they do basketball.

But those silly little Sparties probably already knew that. They're just too afraid to admit it and are just covering up their own insecurities.

Bring on the trash talk, "little brother." I'm looking forward to it.


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