John Cena: 5 Reasons to Turn Him Heel

Jake MillironContributor IIMay 29, 2011

John Cena: 5 Reasons to Turn Him Heel

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    Why hasn't this happened yet?

    The obvious answer is merchandise sales. The WWE would rather not risk losing the cash cow Cena has become. At what point does Vince McMahon decide the product may be becoming a bit stale?

    There was a glimmer of hope for a Cena heel turn last year during his program with Nexus, but it was denied. The Super Cena gimmick may be over with kids, but has overstayed its welcome with the core demographic the WWE has always catered to.

    When the 2011 Draft aired, I was glad to be rid of Cena (as I usually end up fast forwarding through SmackDown) but then we got hit with an Attitude Era type swerve: Cena is back on Raw after being a member of the SmackDown roster for two hours.

    Here are five reasons the WWE, and more importantly the WWE fans need a John Cena heel turn

His Character Needs It

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    Super heroes don't live forever.

    Cena has been carrying the WWE on his back with the same gimmick for years.  It's the same thing over and over, including his matches. 

    A heel run could open the door for Cena to enhance the character as a whole.  Even a short heel run could benefit Cena by becoming a more in depth character to some fans. 

    Like other Superstars when they've turn, Cena could change his style of wrestling and become more appealing. 

    Abandoning his five set move list is definitely a good place to start.

To Usher in a New Era

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    Much like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels before him, John Cena is the poster boy of the "PG Era".  It's simple math: change the poster boy = change the era.

    The Attitude Era changed the face of pro wrestling.  That can be achieved again by changing the status quo. 

    Cena scraps the good guy image, everyone hates him, wrestling is controversial again, ratings go up, etc etc.

    The WWE needs a shot in the ass and a Cena heel run would give it that shot.

To Elevate Mid-Carders

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    This equation is simple:

    John Cena heel turn equals opportunities for mid-carders to step into this spotlight.  There are many possibilities that open up.

    For example:

    Cena turns heel, but not the typical heel we see today.  No suit, no tie, no speaking very slowly and sounding out each syllable.  No, we see a ruthless, aggressive (see what I did there?) no bullshit MONSTER heel with no regard for anyone but himself. 

    To cement the fact he's now the biggest bad ass in the WWE, Cena randomly destroys anyone who looks at him wrong.

    Enter Chris Masters.  The most Masters has been known for in the past two years is juggling his pecs to the beat of "Crazy Train". 

    Masters is stuck in "Superstars Hell" or just a guy in the background we see in backstage segments.  Cena walks by Masters and beats him down.

    We have just started a program ladies and gentlemen.  It's that easy!  I don't understand why a Cena heel run hasn't been given the green light!

    I used Chris Masters for my example but any mid card talent can be inserted into the role.

    And if you don't think it would work I have one word for you:  Nexus.  Wade Barrett was green as hell and he ended up main eventing pay per views with John Cena. 

    It's not hard to see how this could benefit the WWE.

Enough with the Super Hero

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    The comic says it all.

    To view a larger version of the comic, click here

Hulk Hogan

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    When the Hulkster traded in the red and yellow for black and white it turned the world of pro wrestling on its head. 

    If John Cena traded in the "good guy with morals" for "an ass kicker who doesn't give a shit about anyone" it would have the same effect. 

    I've been hoping for a Cena heel run for a long time.  It would drastically change the face of sports entertainment. 

    Mid-carders get a shot at main eventing which gives the WWE the option to bring in more talent from FCW... the possibilities are endless.

    If Cena turned and ushered in a new era in sports entertainment it'll breathe new life into the WWE.  In the end, many performer will benefit, the WWE will benefit, and we as fans will benefit.

    However, judging by the way things are going, it will be a very long time before we see John Cena as a "bad guy."

    IF we ever see it.

    What do you guys think?