Top Five NFL Head-Shakers

Jay DrudgeCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

Teams Bring Jelly to Denver: Dre Bly continues to look like the piece of toast he has been since arriving in Denver. He resembles a weak, albeit fast, high-school corner when attempting to cover anything that remotely resembles an NFL receiver. Bly has been toasted more than any other cover man on the team.


And now that Champ Bailey has injured his groin, Bly will be called upon to cover the oppositions No. 1 receiver. That doesn’t bode well for the already anemic Denver defense. Expect opposing offensives to bring their favorite flavor of jelly to smear all over Bly.



Kellen Winslow II is an Infection: Kellen announced he was the latest Cleveland Brown to succumb to a staph infection, bringing the teams total to five players. Coach Romeo Crennel said they are doing everything possible to curtail the spread of the infections, but presently they don’t yet have a handle on it.


Amusingly, Winslow whined to a local paper saying he was upset the GM Phil Savage didn’t check in on him while he was in the hospital. Newsflash Kellen, it's typical that your boss' boss' boss doesn't call when your out sick. He claimed to feel like “a piece of meat” and unappreciated.


He went on to add that head coach Crennel and his position coach checked in on him, “But I never heard from him…Savage, and that disappoints me. Sometimes I don’t even feel apart of this team,” Winslow said. Maybe if you played a little harder, talked less, and made a few more catches when it mattered, you’d feel more a part of the team. Just a thought. It’s a shame he doesn’t have more of the class that his father brought to game.


Calling Pacman to Rehab: I offer that we take a vote. Let’s change Adam “Pacman” Jones name to Adam “Imathug” Jones. This week, he entered an alcohol rehab treatment facility “in another part of the country” said Dallas owner Jerry Jones. All this because, in addition to all of the previous thug-like actions, he got into an altercation with a member of the Dallas Cowboys security staff who was hired to keep Pacman...excuse me, Imathug, out of trouble.


It’s possible that when Imathug is willing to get into a fight with the one person who is in charge of keeping him out of fights...well, he could be a lost cause. Let’s not forget that Imathug gave commissioner Rodger Goodell a mere 41 days of peace and tranquility after the last “issue.”


Let’s hope the commish, no, not the commish of the Miller Light beer commercials, but Goodell himself will just see the need to kick these guys out of the league all together.



Kansas City is Smoking: And not just because the iconic steakhouse the Hereford House went up in flames recently. But because it’s most prolific running back Larry Johnson is being investigated on allegations that he spat a drink in a woman's face at a nightclub. If memory, and Google, serves me correctly, I believe this is the fourth time in five years he’s been accused of assaulting a woman. Dare I say...trend?


If my golf swing was that consistent, I might be able to win my weekly $5 nassau. Take the 20 ATF agents, yes 20, that are investigating the fire at the Hereford House and put them on the L.J. case and resolve the issue once and for all.



Cut Cutler: OK, well he doesn’t need to be cut. But just last week I asked if Tony Romo deserved to wear the Star and mentioned he needed to toughen up if he was going to earn the respect of fans like his idol Brett Favre did.


And the Broncos definitely looked more like donkeys last night.


The defense is awful, to say the least. Cutler hurt his hand on the first play from scrimmage and looked like my neighbor's 12-year-old daughter throwing lawn darts while spinning herself dizzy in circles. If the guy can’t throw completions to the talented corps of receivers that the, Donkeys...have, put the horseshoe around his neck and yank him.