Elite XC Goes Bankrupt: Where Will Kimbo Slice Go Now?

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2008

According to numerous sources, including ESPN.com, the uprising MMA company, and CBS, and Showtime TV staple, Elite XC is out of business for good.

This development comes after Kimbo Slice being knocked out fourteen seconds into a fight with UFC reject Seth Petruzelli, who later stated he was offered incentives to trade punches with Slice instead of using the ground game.

This leaves numerous talented fighters who committed to Elite XC as free agents with only one dog left in the yard—the UFC. You wonder how the likes of Robbie Lawler, Scott Smith, and others featured on CBS will fare in their careers.

Also, you have the women fighters, which will be hard pressed to find bouts with a decent pay cheque as UFC and, to my knowledge, Affliction, do not feature female MMA.

Then, you have the mystery of Kimbo Slice and where he is going to end up, if he even returns to MMA after the embarassing defeat he suffered earlier this month. My guess is he goes to Affliction, fights a few stiffs. This may set up a fight with him and Fedor, or a UFC experiment in the future.

This sniffs of when the WWE bought out the WCW, as now we have one big dog for all the top fighters, if they even get a shot in the UFC. So, it looks like a lot of good fighters will not get their shot at stardom.

There have also been rumours of CBS and Showtime trying to find a new MMA company to fill the void left by Elite XC, so maybe we will see UFC on network tv, which may just signify the death of boxing as more and more fans will be tuning into MMA. One can only dream.

The most likely scenario is CBS and Showtime signing a deal with Affliction, and making the relatively new brand the second biggest MMA company in town. This would be interesting as they have a lot of good fighters and former UFC fighters, which could pull off very exciting shows—maybe even up to the caliber of UFC 89, which was free on Spike.

I will keep you posted as all the events of Elite XC's closure become known.