NBA Trade Speculation: JaVale McGee Would Fit for Minnesota Timberwolves

Camden PaschAnalyst IIJune 8, 2011

The 2011 NBA draft is just a few weeks away and the Minnesota Timberwolves still have a plethora of options to choose from. Most recently, assistant general manager Tony Ronzone said the organization was leaning towards keeping the No. 2 pick, but he did leave the door open for a trade if the right deal was offered.

Team president and general manager David Kahn has let it be known that he's open to trading the No. 2 pick in the draft that the Timberwolves currently own. Acquiring an above-average center or shooting guard would be ideal and that's what Kahn is likely pursuing.

The Wizards could be the trading partner the Timberwolves may be looking for.

Washington has the young stud of a center, JaVale McGee, that would be very enticing to Kahn. McGee had a very impressive 2010-11 season for those who watched him. He averaged 10.1 points, eight rebounds and 2.44 blocks per game. He had more blocks per game than any player in the NBA other than Milwaukee's Andrew Bogut. 

McGee is 7'0", 252 pounds and there isn't another player in the league that has more athleticism. He has the ability to dunk over anybody and everybody who stands in his path to the rim.

McGee is the type of player that relishes contact and feeds on it to further his aggressiveness in the game. This mentality is what makes him a beast on defense because he challenges every shot or dunk no matter who the offensive player is.

Not to mention he runs the floor better than any center in the NBA and is always pointing towards the rim as to signal for an alley-oop that he almost always finishes. He's not quite there as the best center in the game, but he may be the most exciting with the most potential. 

The Wizards are known to really like Arizona forward Derrick Williams, but he will not fall to their lottery pick at No. 6. It was rumored that the Wizards were in discussions with the Wolves about trading up to the No. spot, but those rumors were shot down by the Washington Post saying that the two teams have not had discussions about the No. 2 pick.

That doesn't mean a trade isn't going to happen—because it surely could—but that there haven't been offers between the two teams. Any trade that was going to take place between Washington and Minnesota would likely happen on draft day. 

A possible deal may look like this:


Washington Wizards Would Receive: No. 2 pick (Derrick Williams), No. 20 pick and Martell Webster.


Minnesota Timberwolves Would Receive: C JaVale McGee, pick No. 18 and pick No. 34.

Minnesota comes away from the deal with the 23-year-old center to pair with Kevin Love and Michael Beasley in the frontcourt while giving newcomer Ricky Rubio a big man to lob alley-oops to. They also gain a higher first-round pick than their No. 20 pick and also gain the fourth pick in the second round.

Washington makes the deal to get the No. 2 pick to draft a franchise player to go with point guard John Wall and shooting guard Jordan Crawford. Not only do they gain the second pick in the draft, but they do retain the No. 6 pick in the draft. The Wizards would have the ability to take Williams with the No. 2 pick to play small forward and then draft PF/C Enes Kanter should he fall to pick No. 6.

Whether this deal would be accepted by either team is unknown, but it would help both teams fill positions of need with young, high-quality players.