Michael Beasley an All-Star or a Bust?

Justin GilletteContributor IOctober 21, 2008

Showcasing his talent for a year at Kansas State, Michael Beasley earned numerous awards from the Big 12, including Freshman Player of the Year and, even more impressive, the Player of the Year award. Needless to say, the versatile forward has arrived in Miami with very high expectations.

Many scouts would agree that Beasley was at least the second best prospect, if not the best, in the 2008 NBA Draft. This is why he was graciously chosen by the Heat with the second overall pick.

The real question is, will Beasley reach his fullest potential and become a perennial All-Star in the league or even be chosen at all? A lot of it will have to do with the team’s immediate chemistry and how well he and the squad (most importantly, Dwyane Wade) perform together on the court.

There is no question Beasley has the skills to become one of the premier players in the NBA, but in a league flooded with so much athleticism and raw talent, what tends to set players apart is their will and drive to be their best and their ability to do what it takes to win.

This is a man’s league and only time will tell if Beasley has the maturity and the motivation to put in the work it’s going to take to become an elite player. He already disappointed many in the franchise with his actions in the rookie camp, in which he was involved in an incident that broke the camp’s rules.

He has a great role model in Wade, who has already shown throughout his career that he not only has the tools but the attitude and desire to become a player that potential young stars like Beasley can look up to and imitate on and off the court.  

On second thought, this is the same All-Star game in which the starters are voted in by the fans. It may take just a few big highlights, a couple of commercials, and a slick new pair of Adidas shoes to be released with his name on them to vault him to the top in votes.

Seriously though, he will put it all together eventually, but it might take a year or two in order to elevate his game to All-Star level. He will play in the midseason Globetrotter game with the best players in the NBA.

Don’t be surprised, however, if he makes a smooth transition from college and quickly climbs the ladder to show the world that he is in fact one of the best young players in the league already.

With this kind of firepower added to the Heat, they will become a championship contender again. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Beasley suiting up with Wade, representing the Eastern Conference in the midseason Globetrotter game in Phoenix this year. It’s all in your hands, Mr. Beasley.