Top 10 Head Cases on the PGA Tour

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IMay 31, 2011

Top 10 Head Cases on the PGA Tour

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    Golf is a game where the six inches between your ears matters more than the 500 yards between you and the hole. That is why the average golfer doesn't break 100. And that is why a good scratch golfer often becomes a choke artist in pressure.

    Professionals seem to have most of their own issues figured out. However, there are always a few of those who are just out there, or somewhat insane. And that can be entertaining, or irritating to watch.

    But who are the best of the best? Or the worst of the worst, in some scenarios.

Pat Perez

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    Pat Perez has a ton of talent, don't get me wrong. But he's just overall a head case. His attitude toward his game directly correlates to his lack of consistent success.

    Not only does he beat himself up, he also is extremely rude to those around him.

    On a personal anecdote, at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine, Perez sprayed a ball during a practice round and missed hitting my dad's head by about three inches. Wouldn't even look over, let alone apologize. He hit a great out, then buried his head in anger. 

    You don't win very often the way Pat Perez plays, or even make cuts.

Dustin Johnson

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    This list is full of people like Dustin Johnson. They aren't bad whack jobs, they're likable in fact. But Johnson just can't seem to get the game back into his head.

    We all know about last year's transpired events. But even this year Johnson is having issues.

    The extent of them isn't exactly known, but he did make a point to find a new caddy. So there must have been something.

Rory Sabbatini

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    Rory is the jerk of the PGA Tour. Personally, I would have loved to see him suspended for the US Open.

    Unable to play a huge tournament, he would have finally been forced to look in the mirror. All he's done is look at a few guys and apologize emptily. 

    Not only does Sabbatini regret nothing, he is another person who is constantly beating himself up just because he missed a shot. Apparently no one ever defined golf for Rory.

    Golf: A game where missing is normal.

Sergio Garcia

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    By far one of my three favorite players on tour (Luke Donald and Tiger Woods the others. Pretty polarized personalities in that group).

    Sergio Garcia is the most accomplished player on tour without a major, and unfortunately it may be that way for a while. Not forever, though.

    Garcia wears his heart on his sleeve, much like Seve Ballesteros. He's a very emotional guy. However, at certain times, Sergio deviated from Seve into a much less classy attitude. The whole spitting in the cup incident, among other incidents.

    This week just proved that Garcia is really still sitting on the edge of the cup, waiting to fall into the cup of success.

John Daly

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    Is there any explanation needed?

    John Daly has done everything a golfer shouldn't do. Shirtless, beer can tees, and his constant struggles (very serious struggles) have made Daly's golf career a painful thing to watch.

    Is he funny? Yes. Is he talented? Certainly. Will he ever overcome his personal demons and golf demons? Nobody knows.

    Oh, and someone said something about his pants is kinda wacky too.

Spencer Levin

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    He's probably the least known of the whacks, but he certainly is one. So far, Levin has held multiple leads in the early rounds this year.

    Then, the weekend comes and either Saturday or Sunday is the day of collapse. Despite all of his early leads, none have come into fruition. 

    Another golfer who we may never hear from, or may hear from multiple times over. But it's all predicated on his ability to cope with pressure. Right now? That's lacking.

Bubba Watson

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    Bubba is a whack. But he's a good whack. He's funny, raw, unafraid to speak his mind (or occasionally speak in the third person). 

    Even though I did say he could be quiet about Tiger, he's great for the tour. A real home made golfer, with a real attitude towards everything.

    Had he gotten rid of his all-in strategy, however, we may have seen him win the PGA last season.

Lee Westwood

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    Another accomplished man without a major, Lee Westwood falls into this category comfortably. Every time he has a chance to win a major, Westwood seems to screw it up.

    Don't forget that Westwood had a putt shorter than Woods' on 18 in the fourth round of the 2008 US Open to be in the playoff. He just so happened to miss his.

    I give a lot of credit to him for winning two weeks in a row recently, especially with the continent change.

    But Westwood would have had a lot less confidence into the Ballantine's had he not beaten the thin field in Korea the week before.

    To top it off, there's that whole water hazard playoff thing that's now going to haunt him.

D.A. Points

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    There isn't too much I can say about him, because I don't watch him when he plays. That's because I hate watching the way he acts with how much success he has had.

    I understand how hard it is to be a PGA Tour pro, but that doesn't give you license to act like you should be a ten time winner already. D. A. Points won't ever be one, either.

Tiger Woods

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    This list wasn't in any particular order, but Tiger Woods certainly is at the top of it. He's a great head case, though. He has seven times as many majors as the other nine guys on this list (John Daly's two).

    So moral of the story: not bad to be a head case all the time. Just most of it.

    But what makes Woods a head case? The swing changes? The fallout? His demeanor? Expectations?

    If I had to say what made him a head case, I would say it was every part of his being on the course, and sometimes off it as well.