Is It Really Brady [Quinn] Time?

Eric LawheadCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2008

Is the season over? Should they bench the guy who led them to a 10-6 record last season? These are all questions every Browns fan is asking right now. When will Brady Quinn be in there?

Derek Anderson has had one good game this season. In the Giants game, he and the entire team looked as they were predicted to do. But, the other lack-luster games were not solely on DA. Take a look at Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow in the receiving game. Edwards drops a couple passes a game, which he did very rarely last season. Winslow has been a loud mouth, cry baby since he got here, with little to no respect for the Browns or the city of Cleveland.

Not to mention the running attack. Jamal Lewis has not been the back he was last season. The whole team has not been the team they were last season. The bright spot if you can call it that, has been the defense. The "weak link" with the team has been the only sort of good thing.

But back to the point at hand: is it time to sit Anderson and put in Quinn? The season may be over, but putting Quinn in there right now to get beat around is not good for his development. Let him come in late in the season, when other teams are out, (or in, in some cases) when they won't be worrying so much about winning. They too will be playing back-ups in order to develop young players.

The Packers could have thrown Aaron Rodgers out there a couple of years ago when Green Bay won three games or whatever they won. But they didn't. They stuck with Favre to make sure Rodgers didn't get killed. Sure, they went on the following year under Favre to play for the NFC Championship, but I'd rather us wait on Quinn now, and see what happens next year.

Who knows, DA could come back next camp and just shock us with how much stronger and better he got, and he could lead us to the AFC Championship and we'll just have to wait on the pretty boy.

This is not Ohio State, where they can just sit the senior for the freshman phenom. This is the NFL, where people who earn their spot, are given multiple chances and this isn't a win every week sport, like college football. They can take a few lumps and still be OK. And besides, who looked at the schedule this year and had them any better at the end than last year anyways?

Let this be a year to see what DA is really all about and begin next year on a clean slate and let them both battle it out.

Whatever your thoughts are about what the Browns should do about the quarterback dilemma, we just have to accept the fact that really the Browns' front office knows more about their players than any of us on here do.