Quit Crying and Play The Game, Hines Ward Does!

Taylor O'BrochtaContributor IOctober 22, 2008

That's right the Baltimore Ravens have yet again called for the head of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward.

On the syndicated radio show 2 Live Stews this week, Terrell Suggs mentioned that there was a "bounty" out for Hines. This is the second Raven to complain about Ward this year. The first being Bart Scott, who couldn't stop crying after he was destroyed by Ward on a block and now Suggs.

...Really? A "bounty"?... I have one thing to say to the Ravens defense. Shut up and just play football. Hines will take your hits and stand up and smile and never say a word about it. You, on the other hand, get blocked and hit like you are supposed to hit once in your life and you have to complain.

Hines is the staple of what football should be! This is a league where WRs are defined by Chad Ocho-Cinco, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss, and where blocking is defined as getting in the way of a corner and pushing them. Hines goes out and demonstrates game-in and game-out how football should be played and he does it with a smile on.

The man never complains about how many times he is thrown the ball. He doesn't refuse to go over the middle and when he is asked to block you better believe he is going to block! Ask Bart Scott, Ed Reed, Keith Rivers and the list goes on.

So what is so wrong about this? The true answer is nothing at all. There is not a coach out there that would say they wouldn't want Hines Ward on their team and there isn't a running back in the league that would not want Ward lined up wide blocking for him.

Unfortunately, in today's NFL it's viewed as "dirty" to lay a devastating block, especially when it's on a linebacker. That saddens me a lot because football is supposed to be a physical sport and Ward knows that and he loves that.

I read recently on a web site that said, "If Hines Ward would get hit like he has been hitting people he wouldn't do it anymore." I had to laugh at that because obviously this person doesn't watch Ward play. He welcomes the hits and loves to go across the middle. When he is lit up (and trust me he gets lit up) what does he do? Does he call for a "bounty"? No! Does he go out for revenge? No! He stands up, smiles, and goes back to the huddle. Ward demonstrates everything that is good in football!

He goes out there to play football. He smiles every play. After a touchdown, he gives out a ball and gives it to a fan with his jersey then takes the fine that is dealt out. He plays until the whistle is blown and he does all this without complaining.

When Hines Ward career is over he will have the stats to get some serious consideration for the Hall of Fame, but overall what will make him most appealing to voters is the fact that he played football the way it was supposed to be played.

So to the Ravens and everyone out there that can't stop complaining about how Ward plays, stop crying to the public. Go out and when he comes across the middle take your best shot and drive him into the ground. He will get up, slap you on the helmet with a smile on and run back to the huddle. Then he'll get ready for the next play, because he has a lot more football to play!