NFL Uniforms: The Great, The Bad, and The Downright Hideous!

Michael FosterFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2008

In the modern era of football, alot of things have changed drastically. From the new "Wildcat"..."Wil'Dog"..."WildBird!" whatever-formation, to the speed of the game, to the stadiums. But nothing has been more affected by the modern era than uniforms.

2002 was the first year that teams started wearing "alternate" jerseys. Now, just about everyone wears one. Around the same time, teams started circulating different pairs of pants into the mix. As of 2008, teams like the Texans and Rams have 3 pairs! Classic multi colored striping on the sleeves and pants have been replaced with elaborate swooping lines and interesting forms of piping. How about all of the different helmets out there now?! Its pretty insane. I've decided to give you a closely researched look into the football uniform world.

One thing that has been a trend for a while now, is to wear white at home. Most teams do this early in the season, especially if they are in hot climates, to beat the heat. This concept has resulted in many teams who not only wear white more often, but have invested in white pants.

Take a look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I honestly think they have the best uniform in football. However, the Bucs throw those spiffy pewter pantsand cherry jerseys back in the closet often, in the wake of this "wedding dress". Even on a NIGHT GAME, they wore white pants with their red jerseys. Why? I just dont get it.

The Saints have recently worn white at home, despite the fact they play INSIDE!! I like the idea of wearing white occasionally, especially since they won their first game back after the hurricane in white. But the black pants really make them look out of place. They have worn that combo in the dome twice already this season.

The Redskins have always worn white at home, and have an awesome uniform. But they have lately prefered this. Whats the point of trying to be a classic team, if you dont wear the classic attire? They also trashed those nifty socks, for plain red ones. Come on Washington, you're killin' me!

The only team that gets my vote for going all-white, is the Dolphins. All-White simply looks best for them, and is their traditional look.

Some teams are a little confused when it comes to the term "uniform". Take the Jaguars for example. Their away uniform is predominantely black. The only hint of teal, the teams official color, is a slight lining on the numerals. Now look at that, and then look at their home uniform.

The Cowboys dont know what matching is. The helmet is silver, with navy stripes and a navy Star logo. The jersey is white, with ROYAL blue numerals and stripes. The pants look like someone took a leak in a grey set. None of that adds up. And dont even get me started on the navy blue set they wear sometimes. The striping, logo placement, numeral format, and color scheme is all different on those! Alone though, I think that uniform blows their white set out of the water! What up! I am a fan of their latest throwback style uniform though. I think they should adopt it as their home.

While some teams like to keep it simple and have just 2 uniforms, some are mixing it up a ton.

How about those Bengals. No, I know they are 0-6. I'm talking about those rediculous uniforms! They are way too busy, but how can you not think they are cool? My count is three different jerseys, two different pairs of pants, and two different pairs of socks. They mix it up alot.

The Falcons got new uniforms in 2003. The result went from 2 different uniforms, to a load. They have actually started to be more consistent as of late, but since 2003 they have worn all of these. (pic,pic,pic,pic,pic,pic)

The Titans mixed it up like crazy last season! And, like the Falcons, were the 2nd team to adopt their alternate jersey as their official home jersey. I dont feel like supplying you every combo, but heres the idea. (pic,pic,pic). Their official home uniform as of 2008 is this.

...and then you have the Rams, who have added whiteand blue pants into the mix (neither of those go with the other).

Alternate Jerseys have become a must for seemingly every team. Heres a list of each team that has one.

Falcons- Black

Panthers- Carolina Blue

Saints- Gold (not worn since 2002)

Eagles- Black (not worn since 2006?)

Giants- Red

Bears- Orange

Lions- Black (apparently will not be worn again, last worn 2007)

Jaguars- Black

Texans- Red

Titans- Navy blue

Patriots- Silver

Dolphins- Orange (not worn since 2003?)

Bengals- Orange

Browns- Orange (not worn since 2003)

Ravens- Black

Chargers- Powder Blue

Broncos- Orange

...alot of Orange and Black in there. If the NFL ever plays on Halloween, these teams should be all set.

And how about those throwback uniforms these days? Check out the hideous Eagles, Steelers, and Jets. The Bills pull it off though! Washington wore a pretty good one last year too. Nothing was better than the throwback-style uniforms the Skins wore in 2002 though. Washington could wear those every week, and I would be perfectly fine with it.

So what do you guys think? Who has the most classic uniform? Who has the best modern style uniform? Who needs a big fix, and who shouldnt have made a change? I found this topic to be pretty interesting and full of stuff!