WWE News: Is High Flyer Sin Cara Worth All of This Effort?

Ben Gartland@@AngryKCFanAnalyst IIJune 4, 2011

A few months ago, an announcement was made that excited wrestling fans around the world: the signing of Mistico, a.k.a Sin Cara.

He was given a press conference to be introduced. The whole internet seemed electrified, pondering when he would debut, how the WWE would handle his style, etc...

Then began the promos. Footage of him performing spectacular moves left us in awe. It was like a little kid waiting on Christmas Eve night. We couldn't wait until the debut of this high flyer.

Then, he made his television debut, beating down Sheamus and Jack Swagger on Raw and Smackdown respectively. The crowd already was going nuts for him. They wanted to see him in the ring. They got their wish.

Debuting against Primo, Sin Cara came in to a large pop from the crowd and.... He botched the entrance.

Since then his matches have been filled with enough screw-ups to make his own "Botchamania" video. Apparently there have been more problems surrounding Sin Cara.

For starters, Sin Cara does not speak English. Not being able to communicate with his opponent makes holds his style down in the ring. He has to have a Spanish speaking opponent, such as Chavo Guerrero, and a bilingual referee to have a decent match.

Also, his style from his previous promotion (CMLL) is somewhat different from the WWE's style. So it's harder for Sin Cara's opponent to work him to a good match if their styles are different It seems the WWE has high stakes on Sin Cara, because they are doing a lot to make him look as good as possible.

For one, they drafted him to SmackDown, where he can botch his entrance all he likes, the editing team will just edit it out. Then, to compensate his style problems, the WWE is rumored to be bringing in some of his colleagues from CMLL to help make his matches go off without any problems.

So with the move to SmackDown, the new wrestlers and the lighting effects during his matches, it seems that the WWE is doing a lot to make Sin Cara look good. Which begs the question, is Sin Cara worth all this effort?

Let me put it this way. If it were any other wrestler who needed all this help, they would've been released or not even been signed at all. Now Sin Cara is certainly an attraction, but, once again, is he worth all this trouble?

It has been rumored that Sin Cara's signing was Triple H's first big creative decision behind the scenes. If that's true, then it's no wonder why all this effort is going into Sin Cara's development. But there are so many cons to giving so much help to Sin Cara.

For one, with the rumored new wrestlers that are coming to help Sin Cara's matches, that's less and less time for the wrestlers who have been performing with Sin Cara like Chavo Guererro and Primo

Another thing, like I said earlier, Sin Cara cannot speak a lick of English. So no promos, and no promos mean no feuds. No feuds mean that he is just in matches. Matches that take away from mid and low-carders trying to get in a match themselves. And for what? So that we can see him botch another move?

In my opinion, they should write him off WWE with some kind of injury and send him down to FCW. There, he can learn the WWE style without all of the international television pressure on him. That way, the WWE doesn't have to bring in new wrestlers to help him.

And while he's there, get him a Rosetta Stone for English or maybe an English language teacher. Then teach him how to give a promo and boom, you got yourself a superstar.

So is he worth it? For all the attraction he is and the merchandise he is already selling, yes. But can the WWE sacrifice six months of merchandise sales from him while he gets it together? In my opinion they need to.

If all he is is matches and no promos, then he becomes a one-dimensional superstar. It takes a special kind of superstar to be able to just do matches. The Undertaker, for example, has a perfect enough character that he has probably said less than 500 words his entire career (with the "deadman" gimmick), but he is still one of the greatest superstars ever.

Sin Cara does not have that kind of character. He needs to be two-dimensional, or at least should have an English speaking manager. I would hate for such a talent to go down the drain because of lack of development.

So if the WWE wants to make Sin Cara as big a superstar as they are trying to do now, then they need to make the sacrifice and send him to FCW. Then he can return in six months at the Royal Rumble and the rest can be history, because the excitement he brings is definitely worth it.