Lane Kiffin: Power Ranking Layla Kiffin and the Hottest Coaches Wives

Tom PerryCorrespondent IJune 6, 2011

Lane Kiffin: Power Ranking Layla Kiffin and the Hottest Coaches Wives

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    Every Division I football coach makes at least six figures every year, and the big-time coaches make millions more than the president of their respective universities.

    So naturally these former athletes with big paycheck, bigger egos and sometimes unbelievable personalities are destined to attract the ladies.

    No one really noticed or even cared about coaches wives until Lane Kiffin came onto the scene. Once everyone got a glimpse of Layla Kiffin we couldn't stop comparing the spouses of these high-priced coaches.

    So who has the hottest wife?

    Well, here's one take on the best-of-the-best coaching wives.

10. Megan Mullen, Mississippi State

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    Dan Mullen is like the Phil Mickelson of college football.

    Great personality, but if he weren't a millionaire he wouldn't have the "perfect" wife. Mullen clearly wouldn't have anything as good as Megan Mullen.

    What a great catch. Megan is a former sports reporter and Golf Channel anchor. Clearly she's a big-time sports fan.

    She's also attractive.

    That's a perfect combination.

9. Christi Fedora, Southern Miss

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    The photo options for Christi Fedora aren't the best, but Southern Miss' Larry Fedora has done very well.

    They have the beautiful family and Christi still looks great.

    When she puts on the black and golf of Southern Miss, Christi might even pass as a co-ed on game day.

8. Diana Nutt, Ole Miss

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    Stop looking at Houston Nutt's daughter.

    His wife, Diana, is on the left. She actually looks like she could be Houston's daughter as well.

    I know what you're thinking, "There's no way Houston Nutt bagged this woman?"

    Apparently so, and just look at him. He knows he's well outside his pay grade on this one.

7. Katharyn Richt, Georgia

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    There's just something you have to love about Katharyn Richt's smile.

    There's also something about a beautiful woman wearing a hat.

    Mark Richt's wife is very involved with the team as she's on the sidelines handing out water to the Georgia players.

    She's also a great mother who has helped raise two sons. Her and Mark have also adopted a daughter.

    This Florida-born girl was a perfect match for Mark.

6. Carol Stoops, Oklahoma

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    Carol Stoops is not only one of the hottest wives in college football, but she's also one of the most successful.

    Mike Stoops' wife brings in the seven-figure salary just like him as a National Sales Director for Mary Kay.

    Who would have ever doubted that someone that high up with a cosmetics company wouldn't be drop-dead gorgeous.

5. Susan Neuheisel, UCLA

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    Susan Neuheisel makes the hot wives list again, while her husband just wants to get off the hot seat at UCLA.

    Is it possible that Susan was upset when Layla Kiffin moved to Southern California and knocked her off the top spot in the Pac-10 (soon-to-be Pac-12)?

4. Candi Fisher, Florida State

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    The ol' West Virginia boy did pretty well for himself.

    Candi Fisher is certainly no Ann Bowden.

    Florida State has one of the nation's hottest fanbases around, so adding Candi into the mix seems just right.

3. Barbara Petersen, Boise State

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    Barbara Petersen is another of those coaches wives who is very involved, but doesn't allow herself to be in the limelight too much.

    If you watch the video you will see a woman who is both pretty and confident.

    These two just appear to have a great marriage.

    She gets the No. 3 spot on the cute factor.

2. Kathleen Swinney, Clemson

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    Kathleen Swinney has been married to Dabo since 1994.

    It's easy to see how he wooed her...much like he does a recruit.

    She's a great addition to the list and as long as he doesn't falter too bad this season, Kathleen could become a regular in these rankings.

1. Layla Kiffin, USC

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    Seriously, there's no one else even close to being in the top spot but Layla Kiffin.

    Lane Kiffin has weaseled his way into two great college jobs, but nothing tops bagging Layla.

    Layla stands by her man and as long as he has a coaching job, Kayla might just top this list for another 10-20 years.