Should It Be Bye-Bye Week For Brad Childress?

Allen ParrishCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

It is the midway point in the NFL and the landscape has already changed.

Coaches have been let go, players traded, general managers quit. 

By far, the Minnesota Vikings are one of the biggest disappointments this year when you look at their pre-season promise.  The addition of Jared Allen, another summer with the team for Adrian Peterson.  Tavaris Jackson with another year at the helm under his belt. 

But during the pre-season games, we were given a glimpse of trouble.  Jackson was still playing like a scared teenager.  The play calling became more and more predictable—yes these are the same old Vikings

Brad Childress has coddled Jackson since he was drafted.  He finally benched him after what many believe were threats against his job. The Vikings had an entire summer to acquire plenty of quarterbacks, but he showed his stubbornness when he refused to pull the trigger on any of them. 

On the other hand, you have to understand his reasoning. He put his reputation and knowledge on the line by drafting Jackson.  He was convinced Jackson was the future of the organization—the franchise quarterback. It is painfully obvious that Jackson is not a major league quarterback. 

This team has a huge amount of potential. The 12th ranked offense in the league, the most dangerous and thrilling running back in the league, a defense that matches up very well with any offense they play. 

So what is the problem?  The problem sticks out like a sore thumb. 

CHILDRESS...the fans no longer support him, you can watch the team and see they no longer trust him.  The front office is losing belief in him.

I firmly believe he is a very capable coordinator, but he is out of his league as a head coach.  This is not a horrible thing, there is a reason that everybody is not a head coach. 

The bye week is the perfect time to make a change, although I do not see this change happening during the season.  Let us just hope the change is made during the offseason because the team needs it.  The city yearns for a change.  The fans demand, and deserve a change. 

The proud fans of the Vikings love their team, support their team, and deserve a coach that can provide them a team to be proud of.