Why I Love College Basketball: No. 1—Stephen Curry

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IOctober 23, 2008

This is the first in a new series of articles that I am going to be doing throughout the college basketball season.  The series is called, “Why I Love College Basketball.”  Pretty simple, I know, but I’ll be writing every now and then about something that keeps me watching the best amateur sport on the planet.

Right now, though, Midnight Madness events at the most competitive universities are over, and here’s what I’m looking forward to: Davidson guard Stephen Curry.  I'm not just excited to see him play, because everyone is after his miraculously dominant performance in the 2008 NCAA Tournament, but I am excited to see him score at will.

In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Curry will drop at least 50 points in a game at least once this season. There, I said it. Fifty points.

Think about it for a second. He averaged over 30 points per game against some of the stiffest competition in the nation last year during March Madness, so what’s to think he can’t do it just once in an incredibly weak conference?

Davidson head coach Bob McKillop sure isn’t going to put the red light up for his frail sharpshooter.  Curry had the green light to fire from anywhere on his half of the court in last year’s tournament without consequence, so who’s to say his shot selection should be controlled after that success? Not I.

College may have implemented a longer three-point line this year, but that won’t affect the way in which Curry plays the game.  Hell, the majority of his three-point attempts are far more distant than the new line regardless, and he won’t hesitate to let them fly.

As a sophomore, he averaged nearly 26 points per game while shooting close to 16 times per game.

Here’s another reason why I think he will drop 50 on somebody: His quick release allows almost no one to guard him on the perimeter.  When they overplay him, which is often the case, he simply takes one dribble and pops a quick shot that twinkles the twine.

If anyone thought last year was just a fluke, Curry is ready to show his naysayers that he can put up big numbers on anyone, especially those in the Southern Conference.

The real reason, though, is because he has other players on his team that opponents must be worried about.  In the past, if you double or triple-teamed Curry, you were more or less shutting down the entire Wildcats’ offense, but no longer is that the case.

Andrew Lovedale, a 6’8” forward, was an integral part in the Wildcats’ win over Georgetown, and he should put up some rather large numbers this year when Curry is being chased around in a box-and-one defense.

Also expected to contribute is Bryant Barr.  The outside gunner will own opposing defenses when he is wide open behind the three-point arc.  Remember him in the NCAA Tournament?  He drained threes by the gallon and helped this team to a near-win against eventual champion Kansas.

It will be very interesting to see, but I truly think it’s possible that Curry fills the buckets for 50 this upcoming season.