WWE Zombie Invasion: Dream Matches Between Alive and Dead Superstars

Richard TilleyContributor IIIJune 10, 2011

WWE Zombie Invasion: Dream Matches Between Alive and Dead Superstars

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    BEFORE WE START: This article is in all respects to the dead. Please refrain from any offensive or unnecessary comments.

    I was thinking, we are all talking about dreams matches we'd like to see, but what about dreams matches that we can't see? There are many great superstars that have passed away, and also many that are still alive.

    So lets pit a few great zombie wrestlers against the greats that are still alive and see what comes out.

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

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    We've seen this before, but why not one more time for old time's sake? These two had great chemistry both storyline and match wise. In fact, Eddie is the reason Rey is one of the most popular wrestlers today.

    This would be a match with a lot of reversals and high-flying moves. Both use a similar moveset, with Rey being more acrobatic and Eddie being more technical. As always, we would see the lying, cheating, and stealing Eddie and see if Rey could somehow turn Eddie's tactics against him.

    The way this match end would be totally unpredictable. It could be a finishing move, win by cheating, or a quick and simple roll up. Whatever happens it would keep us on the edge of our seats the entire time.

Mr Perfect vs. Cody Rhodes

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    It's the battle between Perfection and the Demented. It actually makes since seeing as they had the same exact gimmick before Rey Mysterio broke Cody's nose.

    They are also two great heels with very similar movesets. Rugged, not above cheating, and pretty much will do anything to get a win above their opponent.

    This will pretty much be the ultimate match of dirtiness. With Cody being the lighter wrestler and Mr Perfect being more technical, expect a versatile match between ingenuity.

Owen Hart vs. Christian

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    It's the Clash of Canada!

    Two of the best technical wrestlers in the game to battle it out. Both have had story lines with jealousy and hate, and now it just comes down too who wants it more.

    This is going to be a reversal filled match. As in, you will never ever know who's going to win at any point. Even when it looks like someone will win, the match is going to completely shift gears.

    The two have always been shifty main eventer to mid card wrestlers. Both represent Canada. Both have had more popular tag team partner (Bret and Edge.) The similarities are too hard to ignore. It seems like this would be a match made in zombie heaven.

CM Punk and Nexus vs. the Von Erich Family

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    The Sadistic Faction of the WWE vs. The Cursed Family of Wrestling.

    This would be a mixed bag.

    You have the Von Erich's who are pretty much all very technical wrestlers, then you CM Punk, one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time with the bulk Mason Ryan, Otunga, and McGillicutty.

    Mason Ryan will probably be the key factor in this match as the Von Erich's will have to break him down piece by piece to get the monster down. CM Punk will most likely be using his sadistic submissions on the family while Otunga and McGillicutty are in a fast rotation.

    The Nexus might have their word cut out for them while the Von Erich's break them down like loosening the nuts and bolts on a machine. CM Punk's leadership will be on the test in this match.

Big Show vs. Andre the Giant

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    Okay, who honestly didn't see this coming? You got the two biggest wrestlers in WWE history and a whole lot of size and power.

    This would pretty much be a clash of the titans in a fight to see who is the strongest and biggest. This is gonna be a slamfest with a whole lot of impact going on in the ring.

    The thing thats going to be most interesting is to see who will be the first one to pull off a chokeslam, as that person will most likely win.

    In fact, it would be amazing to see if a chokeslam on one of these two would even be possible. There might be another Brok Lesnar vs Big Show moment where the ring collapses. WWE might wanna plan on some reinforcement.

John Morrison vs. the British Bulldog

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    I think this would be a perfect America vs Britain match. You have John Morrison, the most athletic guy in the WWE, and then you have the British Bulldog, a more technical wrestler who will never give up no matter how much damage he takes.

    I can see John Morrison dominating for the most of this match until Bulldog somehow pulls through and makes an epic comeback. But even then, it's unpredictable whether Bulldog can pull through all the highflying and sparkling moves of John Morrison.

    So who's side are you on? The American Shaman of Sexy or the Zombified British Bulldog?

The Miz vs. Lance Cade

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    These guys are way too similar. Both the egotistical loud mouths of tag teams. They have the exact same moveset with the rough heelish type of moves.

    This is going to be another dirty match with the dirtiest coming out on top. A clean win is just not the script for these two guys.

    This could also be seen as Hollywood vs. Country. Of course they're both loud mouths so the insults would by flying every. Whatever happens, this is gonna be one dirty match.

Umaga vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Ahh, the cocky technician vs the monster that pretty much bulldozes through anything. This will be a huge test for ADR as he will have to use all his cunning to chop down the Somalian bulldozer and keep himself from getting powered through.

    If ADR can concentrate and just find someway to not take Umaga's spike to the throat, then he has a pretty good chanced of winning this. It might takes some time, but if he slaps on the cross arm-breaker then the match will be his for the taking.

    Umaga on the other hand just has to not fall for any of ADR's tricks. He can easily power himself through to a victory, so he just needs to think carefully.

Randy Orton vs. Randy Savage

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    Randy and Randy. The Viper who can strike at anytime vs the charismatic powerhouse.

    The biggest test for Orton is going to be Macho Man's endurance. It will most definitely take more than a simple RKO out of nowhere to put Savage down.

    However the problem for Macho Man is going have to be avoiding all of Orton's sudden attacks. Savage is a tank but for how long will he be able to take the springiness of Orton?

    It's the ultimate battle of precision vs power. Take a guy who can pop out of nowhere and put him against a guy who is seemingly invincible and you will have yourself a match that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

John Cena vs. Chris Benoit

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    And here we are, the main event. One of the best technical wrestlers in the game vs the face of the WWE. Its a showdown for the agents.

    This will all come down to who wants it more. It seems impossible that either one of them will tap or lose cleanly. Benoit has one of the most painful submissions in history with the crossface, while John Cena's STFU is a creator of quitters.

    Benoit has been known to do some pretty crazy stuff, putting his body on the line to win. John Cena will have to put as much heart as Benoit in the match if he expects to come out with a win.

    Benoit will have to try not to fall victim to the FU. Not many have been known to kick out of it. But on the same note, Cena can't afford a flying headbutt. It might just be what Benoit needs to put Cena out for good. It will be a back and forthe match indeed whoever wins.

    The sad thing is that that these matches will never happen because of the great superstar that have passed away. But we can always dream. Thanks reading, leave comments.