Philadelphia 76ers: Billionaire Suitor Interested in Buying the 76ers.

Phil AndrewsCorrespondent IJune 7, 2011

So much for being out of sight and out of mind. As the NFL owners and players continue to bicker about who gets what cut of the National Football League financial pie and the Philadelphia Phillies struggle to find offense to support their four aces, the 76ers">Philadelphia 76ers have apparently been doing some soul searching of their own this offseason. At least from a business standpoint.

Just recently, there was talk that perhaps the team might be considering a trade that would send enigmatic guard/forward Andre Iguodala to Golden State in exchange for Warriors electrifying point guard Monta Ellis.

Well hold everything, because according to a report by Henry Abbott at, that trade would probably take a back seat to the latest rumor seeking missile to hit South Philadelphia. Abbot reports that the 76ers may very well be sold to 46-year-old New York billionaire Joshua Harris.

What!?? Actually that was my first reaction until I remembered there was actually talk back during the playoffs that current Sixers owner Ed Snider and the rest of the Comcast Specatcor ownership were mulling over the idea of selling the club.

I guess in this case it just sounds strange to hear that rumor could eventually become reality, especially when you consider that a New Yorker could be in line to purchase a Philly Team.

Stay logged on Sixer  fans, looks like things are just starting to get interesting.