WWE Capitol Punishment: R-Truth and How I'd Like the Pay-Per-View To Turn Out

Chris DawsContributor IIIJune 8, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment: R-Truth and How I'd Like the Pay-Per-View To Turn Out

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    With WWE's latest incarnation of the June Pay-Per-View—Capitol Punishment—less than two weeks away, only two matches have been announced. 

    In addition to having a look at these two announced match-ups, I'll give my own thoughts on other matches I'd like to see and how I'd like them to end up.

    This is my first article on the WWE, so any constructive criticism is welcome!

WWE Championship: John Cena vs R-Truth

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    So, the WWE Title has a new No. 1 contender.

    R-Truth's recent heel-turn has been one of my favourite story lines in the WWE for as long as I can remember. Not since Triple H and Shawn Michaels' first feud, way back in 2002, have I been so captivated.

    Truth is in the middle of a massive main event push since turning heel. He has leap-frogged the likes of Alberto Del Rio, CM Punk and Jack Swagger into the top-heel spot on Raw.

    An altered move-set, a new finisher and the abandonment of his entrance music signifies a whole new direction for him—and the only way is up.

    Then we come to John Cena, the face of the WWE.

    While he's never been a favourite of mine, he has recent started to grow on me (to the point where I can watch him on TV without rage). However, I don't agree with his holding the WWE Title—I don't think he needs it.

    While he is currently the biggest baby-face that the company has had since The Rock, Cena has proven that he doesn't need the title to draw. His feud with Wade Barrett and the Nexus proved that.

    Seeing R-Truth beat John Cena cleanly for the title is a bit of a far-fetched idea. However, I don't want the finish to be a complete screw-job. Here's what I would love to happen: an element of trickery somewhere, leading to Truth hitting his new finisher on a distracted or stunned Cena and then pinning him for the title—that would definitely satisfy me.

    But here's what I think will happen: I think, without a doubt, that we're going to have a showcase of Super Cena. R-Truth will dominate before Cena will get back into the game. I think that R-Truth will probably interrupt this burst of momentum and try an underhand heel tactic to win—which will be spotted or reversed by Cena, who will then hit the AA for the pin-fall.  

The Miz vs Alex Riley

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    First off, I'd like to say that I'm a big Miz fan.

    However much I think that this is a good feud, and I do, I just can't help but not like the direction that the Miz's character is heading. I wasn't a fan of how they made him look at "Over The Limit" at all.

    It is early days in the feud, but I think I can already see that Alex Riley is going to be a star. He received big pops when he turned on Miz, and he even seems to have formed an alliance with John Cena. Things are looking up for A-Ry.

    As far as their match at Capitol Punishment goes, I see the Miz gaining the win.

    This has the potential to be a great feud, and having A-Ry get the win straight away would make any additional matches seem pointless.

    I'm looking for the Miz to gain an underhand win and for Riley to look for further redemption—culminating in a big match at Summerslam, be it a last-man-standing match or something similar.

    Winner: The Miz.

World Heavyweight Championship

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    Well most, if not all, of us saw this coming. The Christian heel-turn finally seems to have happened. 

    At the end of last week's special referee match, Christian decided it was time to smack Randy Orton over the head with the World Title belt. I guess the series of Christian vs Randy Orton matches wasn't over. 

    Their match at "Over the Limit" was the top match of the show; now that Christian has turned, we can hope for more of the same. 

    However, I'm expecting there to be a bit more to this match. I can't see them engaging in yet another straight-singles match. I can see something along the lines of a No-DQ match. 

    I'm a little worried that Christian may fall victim to a Randy Orton de-push, and he may never regain the title. But honestly, I'll go out on a limb and say that at some point Christian will win the title from Orton. 

    But it won't be at Capitol Punishment. 

    Winner: Randy Orton

Wade Barrett vs Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship

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    I can see this match happening as a re-match from "Over the Limit." However, this time I foresee a different result.

    Ezekiel Jackson is a monster and is desperately in need of a title run to establish a push for himself. He has all of the tools that Vince McMahon loves in a superstar—size, power and strength. 

    Wade Barrett is a superstar that seems to be stuck in a rut. After a huge main event push last year and seemingly being set for stardom, Wade has fallen out of favour and found himself meandering around in the mid-card scene on the WWE's "B Show."

    Here's what I'd like to see happen: Wade Barrett lose to Ezekiel Jackson and hand over the Intercontinental Title to him. This would set Jackson up for a rise into the upper mid-card scene and make him a credible threat—even more so than he is now.

    After this, the Corre should disband and Wade Barrett should go missing from television for a couple of weeks. He should then resurface by himself and be pushed back into the main event by winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match—then cash it in around Summerslam for his first world title reign.

    Winner: Ezekiel Jackson.

    Long term winner: Wade Barrett

Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger

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    To me, this build-up of a feud signifies that WWE is willing to invest in and push Evan Bourne.

    If the WWE was trying to build Swagger out of this, then they would have chosen someone far more credible than Evan Bourne. The WWE Universe loves Evan Bourne and his exciting, high-octane attack. 

    The mid-card scene on Raw surrounding the US Title seems a bit stagnant. There's a familiarity and sameness to the people that seem to be fighting for the US Title. 

    Evan Bourne would certainly heat things up and add new interest to a floundering division. 

    Winner by pin-fall: Evan Bourne.

WWE Diva's Title: Beth Phoenix vs Brie Bella

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    Even before the loss of Kharma, the Diva's Division was in terrible shape with meaningless and pointless title changes, randomly determined No. 1 contenders and short matches. 

    Right now, the division needs a quick influx of credibility. The focus needs to be on Divas like Beth, Melina, Layla (when she returns from injury), Eve and, importantly, Natalya.

    The Bella's are an abomination to the Diva's Title. They're fine as managers, backstage interviewers and general eye candy, but they don't belong anywhere near the Diva's Title. 

    Please, Beth, squash them at Capitol Punishment for the title.

    Winner: Beth Phoenix.

WWE US Title: Kofi Kingston vs ???

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    Kofi needs to defend this title. I'm not sure what the WWE is doing with the US and IC titles, but they hardly seem to get defended.

    I'm not really bothered by who he defends the title against, as long as that person is credible and worthy of the US Title. Dolph Ziggler should be pushed more into the main event picture, or even traded back to Smackdown, so I'd rule him out.

    The only person I can see being credible enough is Drew McIntyre. I know I'm only dreaming on this one, but I hope something along these lines occurs.


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    Well, that's my two cents on the upcoming Pay-Per-View.

    It wouldn't take much for this Pay-Per-View to be more interesting than Over the Limit.

    I know that myself and a lot of us are probably dreaming when we think about R-Truth beating John Cena, but we can hope.

    The Christian heel-turn looks very promising, and hopefully locks him in for a Title reign at some point in the future.

    Ezekiel Jackson looks like he's being primed for a push into the upper mid card, and Wade Barrett looks set to break up the Corre. 

    Hopefully the show will be on free to air over in the UK so I can check it out. 

    What do you think will happen at the PPV? Again, any constructive criticism is welcome!