The "Tiger Dividend": How Tiger's Absence Enhances the US Open

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIJune 9, 2011

By now, every golf fan knows that Tiger Woods will be watching the US Open from someplace other than Congressional, and every player who has qualified for the event has inherited a "Tiger Dividend" due to his absence.

The "Tiger Dividend" is the portion of Tiger's TV and media coverage that he will not get because he is not there.  The time which can now be dedicated to showing the rest of the field.  

The "Tiger Dividend" is the TV time we all were subjected to when they showed every twitch, twitter, and twaddle that Tiger engaged in.  Time which will now be devoted more to the efforts of the field.

The "Tiger Dividend" is the extraneous amount of time TV spent showing Tiger before and after his shot ... analyzing his swing to smithereens.  Time which will now be devoted to understanding the field.

The "Tiger Dividend" is the time TV spends chronicling Tiger's career from Mike Douglas.  Time now that can be devoted to telling the stories of those unknowns who qualified for the US Open, many times against fields they have never faced, to play a historic course, and in the greatest event our country proffers.

The "Tiger Dividend" is a gift we all ought to enjoy, while we can, along with the field.