WWE: How 5 Up-and-Coming Superstars Can Change Their Gimmicks for the Better

Ricky AKA The JokerCorrespondent IJune 11, 2011

WWE: How 5 Up-and-Coming Superstars Can Change Their Gimmicks for the Better

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    I've noticed something interesting in the past few months in the WWE.

    R-Truth and Cody Rhodes, who were both considered future jobbers by most of us nearly a year ago, are both doing great in their careers.


    Because they changed their gimmicks and made it entertaining and refreshing.

    Cody Rhodes went from Randy Orton's sidekick to "Dashing" Cody Rhodes to "Undashing" Cody Rhodes.

    R-Truth went from a dancing rapper to a paranoid man that feels everyone in the WWE's out to get him.

    Because of these gimmick changes, they're both considered top heels in the WWE right now.

    Just like that, what if five other up-and-coming superstars changed their gimmicks and made it more entertaining and refreshing?

    I've got a couple of gimmick changes in my mind for several superstars and in this slideshow, I'll share these gimmick changes with you, the bleachers.

    Post a comment below on what you think of my slideshow.

    By the way, since the WWE is in their Youth Movement, I felt that it should be five up and coming superstars that should change their gimmicks instead of veterans such as John Cena.


5. Sheamus: A Friendly Fella'

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    I have to admit, Sheamus is getting really stale to me as a heel.

    WWE should turn him into babyface and that too fast since SmackDown is in desperate need of babyfaces.

    Sheamus has the charisma, mic skills, and even the looks of someone that can be easily loved by the WWE Universe.

    I personally never found him intimidating as a heel because of his really light skin.

    I always thought he was funny which could really help in his babyface promos if he was to turn into a face.

    If WWE turned Sheamus into a babyface like how I suggested, we could finally see some fresh feuds with Sheamus taking on other heels such as Wade Barrett.

4. Evan Bourne: A Speedy Trickster

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    I feel that Evan should develop a gimmick in which he uses his speed as an advantage against opponents that are bigger then him.

    Not only that but he should do whatever he wants to get on his opponent's nerves such as play pranks on them, use his finisher on them after a match, and even get a cheap shot in before a match.

    This is where the speed factor comes into play.

    Since he's so fast, the opponent probably wouldn't be able to catch him, so he could do many hit and run attacks which would keep the crowd entertained and engaged.

    Ironically, we've seen glimpses of this in the past few weeks on Raw, against Jack Swagger.

    Hopefully the incidents we've seen on Raw turns into an overall gimmick for Bourne.

3. Drew McIntyre: A Brutal and Merciless Scotsman

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    Drew's already had this gimmick since he debuted, but I just want to repackage the gimmick to make him a legitimate threat for the WWE Championship.

    It could all start when he pushes Kelly Kelly out of his way when he's making his way to the ring for a match, which would give him a massive amount of heat.

    Then, week after week, he would start attacking babyfaces backstage just for the hell of it.

    After a while in an interview, he would warn the Raw locker room, stating that he would destroy anyone that would come in between him and the WWE Championship.

    He would then finally become the new No. 1 contender, and a serious threat for Cena's WWE Championship.

    Also, I feel that a new painful submission finisher would also help Mcintyre with this gimmick.

    What do you think?

2. Kofi Kingston: A Serious Risk-Taker

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    Kofi Kingston should turn into a complete risk-taker.

    Jeff Hardy was one and look at what happened with him during his time in WWE.

    He became the top babyface on SmackDown, sold lots of merchandise, and had a huge fan following.

    Ever since Hardy left, WWE misses someone who would risk their body to entertain the fans, and I don't think there's a better candidate for a risk-taker then Kofi Kingston.

    I know we saw Kingston take risks when he was feuding with Orton, but since then he hasn't really done anything that outstanding in the WWE and I think this is the gimmick that will set Kofi's career straight.

    Not only should he turn into a risk-taker, but he should also recieve a push similar to Hardy's back in 2009.

    If WWE could create another Kofi Kingston moment similar to the one where he boom drops Orton through an announce table, he would be more over then ever before with the fans.

    I also want Kofi Kingston to turn serious again, and I think a majority of WWE fans do too.

    I also want to see Kofi cut promos similar to the awesome one where he destroys Randy Orton`s car (check video).

    If everything I wrote actually occurs, it would mean nothing but overall success for Kofi Kingston`s career and WWE.

1. Daniel Bryan: A Ruthless and Aggressive Technician

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    I put Daniel Bryan at the top of this list because of a certain reason.

    Bryan has absolutely outstanding wrestling skills, but sadly he has no gimmick to support those wrestling skills.

    Because he has no gimmick, he doesn't get to show the WWE Universe his charisma or mic skills.

    Worry not, I've got a great gimmick in mind for Bryan.

    Since he is a technician and a submission specialist, he could easily become a more ruthless and aggressive Daniel Bryan.

    Imagine that in four months from now, Bryan's on a losing streak.

    Then one week, he could come out and tell the WWE Universe that enough is enough, and that after today everyone's going to see a new aggressive Daniel Bryan and that he doesn't really care whether the WWE Universe likes the new Daniel Bryan or not.

    This Daniel Bryan would be somewhat of a tweener, his high-flying moves would get pops from the fans but his aggressive submissions would make him look like a bad guy.

    This way, he could finally show of his mic skills and charisma with his new tweener character.

    Anyways, wouldn't it be awesome seeing a ruthless and aggressive Daniel Bryan for a change?