New Faces: Moore and Anderson

Adrian CastroCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008, JD added new faces to the Rangers' coaching staff. TR Sullivan reports, "they have hired Jackie Moore to be their bench coach and Dave Anderson to be their third-base coach under manager Ron Washington." Hopefully, these new faces will give the Rangers the emotional intensity needed to grind out the Angels in when it counts late in the season. Anderson who is now charge of infield defense has the coaches nod to turn the defense-less infield around. Statistically the Rangers were the worst defensive infield even the two all-stars, Young and Kinsler. Together they helped the Rangers accumulate 132 in 2008. This brings me to Hank Blaylock. What to do with him? Remember Ron Washington boasting that he would make Blaylock a "gold glove" third baseman, and remember him saying, "Hank's mine. I'm going to make Hank my project?" Well, that didn't exactly work out since your now considering him to play first, and the emergence of Chris Davis is not helping. Maybe Anderson will help in deciding whether Blaylock is good enough to play at third, or just leaving him in the DH/DL role that Sosa filled in so nicely.

Blaylock got new life with the hiring of Washington, but how much longer is that window open?

Will Moore and Anderson help Ron Washington set the tone, and establish a system the players can buy in to?  If I were Ron, I'd be watching Joe Maddon trying to pick up pointers, because that man has his ship working. Adios!