Open Letter to Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks from a Bruins Fan

Joe GillCorrespondent IIJune 11, 2011

Roberto Luongo suffers from selective amnesia.
Roberto Luongo suffers from selective amnesia.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Shut your traps—and not on someone’s finger either.

Oh, I apologize, Alexandre Burrows; you said you didn’t think you chomped down on Patrice Bergeron’s finger like Pac-Man to a power pellet.

Your team is filled with cheap-shot artists like Aaron Rome, divers like Burrows and Lapierre, paper tiger comedians like the Sedin twins and whiners like your head coach, Alain Vigneault complaining about everything from the ice conditions to Thomas’ playing style to his runny eggs at breakfast.

Then there is your Vezina candidate and Olympic champion goalie, Roberto Luongo who said the following about the only goal surrendered by his counterpart, Tim Thomas (six goals allowed in five games), in Game 5, "It's not hard if you're playing in the paint," said Luongo. "It's an easy save for me, but if you're wandering out and aggressive like he does, that's going to happen. He might make some saves that I won't, but in a case like that, we want to take advantage of a bounce like that and make sure we're in a good position to bury those."

Roberto, you must be suffering from selective amnesia.  Do you forget how you were embarrassed and humiliated by the Bruins in Games 3 and 4, by surrendering 12 goals on 58 shots? 

You were pulled in Game 4 and your fans cheered your exit. Your fans hate you (and are completely fair-weather I might add) and now Bruins fans despise your arrogance and "holier than thou" attitude even more (if that’s possible).

I have no problem losing to the better team, but not to a team that doesn't display one ounce of class.

So, this is to all the Canucks, especially Roberto “The Puddle” Luongo.

Play like champions.

Act like champions.

Pretend like you have been there before.

Whether you defeat the Boston Bruins or not for Lord Stanley’s Cup, you will have zero respect outside of British Columbia. Most of Canada is not behind you because of your poor sportsmanship and theatrics as it is. You make the Montreal Canadiens look like "good sports."

You are not setting a good example for young Canucks fans with your playing style and playground antics. I just hope and pray little kids are not practicing their best “Burrows Bite” or “Lapierre Dive” on the frozen ponds and rivers of Vancouver.

Your team is a true disgrace to the world’s best and most exciting game.

Vancouver, when and if you hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup, there is no doubt he will be turning in his grave.