Ohio State Football: 5 Things We Learned from Luke Fickell's First Remarks

Grant FrekingCorrespondent IJune 13, 2011

Ohio State Football: 5 Things We Learned from Luke Fickell's First Remarks

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    Luke Fickell was officially introduced to the media today as Ohio State's next head football coach. He still has the interim tag in his title, but athletic director Gene Smith genuinely seems to believe in Fickell and will give him a chance to succeed.

    Throughout the press conference, Fickell, who started a school-record 50 consecutive games at OSU from 1993 to 1996, continually stressed that the team has an "all-in" mentality, that the 2011 Buckeyes will be "men of action" and that they will play with "respect and toughness."

    The first line of each slide are direct quotes from Fickell during today's press conference.

Terrelle Pryor

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    “I’ve had no interaction with Terrelle Pryor since the last Tuesday team workout.”

    He mentioned that Pryor contacted him but that they couldn’t arrange a meeting. Translation: Fickell was probably shunning Pryor and preferred not to have him back. Of course, Fickell would never admit that he wouldn't want his three-year starting quarterback to return to the team.

    When asked about the quarterback competition, Fickell stated, "we're excited...we'll see who can raise their level of competition."

NCAA Violations

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    “I was not informed of information until it became public knowledge.”

    Fickell mainly side-stepped compliance/car/tattoo related questions, repeatedly talking about the team’s desire to move forward. Perhaps the most surprising thing Fickell had to say all day was about the compliance department itself.

    “Our compliance department does an unbelievable job, but we’re going to get better.”

Offensive Philosophy

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    “I don’t see anything changing.”

    That answer was in response to question on if the offensive game plan will change at all. Fickell said offensive coordinator Jim Bollman will continue to call the plays. Buckeye fans should expect more of the same on the offensive side of the ball, which calls for an emphasis on establishing the ground game and holding onto the ball.


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    “We aren’t worried about [recruiting]…we’ve got a plan for the future. Ohio State is bigger than one situation, player or coach.”

    Fickell mentioned he was intent on getting potential Buckeyes to visit Columbus so he could present his narrative to them. That shouldn’t be too big of a problem for in-state kids, especially those with OSU connections. However, it could pose a problem on the national scene for unfamiliar kids. 


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    “Our guys will know about November 26, I promise you that.”

    Your move Brady Hoke, who continually refers to Ohio State as “Ohio.”