UFC 90: Five Things I Learned Watching Anderson Silva Spar

Bryan TraffordSenior Analyst IOctober 26, 2008

UFC 90 is in the books. It was mildly entertaining, sorta like when you drink a diet soda and it doesn't taste as bad as you expected it to. The UFC seems to be lacking in starpower with the Hughes, Franklin,and Liddell era of dominance over. They really need to bring Tito back. With that said, here are five things I learned watching UFC in Chicago.

1. Anderson Silva is bored with fighting.
I've looked at all the sides to this story. Yes I believe he was trying to set Cote up for something big. Yes I believe he didn't think Cote could hurt him. Having said all that, I still believe Silva is bored. He really needs to vacate the 185 title and fight at 205. Give him Rampage, Evans, Griffin, whoever. I just don't want to see him dance around and feint around like he's been watching Roy Jones Jr. fight films.

2. Alves is ready for GSP.
Let me start by saying of all the guys that Joe Rogan says are scary, this one is for real. Not only does he look scary, he has scary power. This guy mauled Koscheck on the feet, and if Koscheck couldn't take him down, just about anyone else will be standing with him. That spells trouble for them. I love his Muay Thai, and he switches up his attack beautifully.

3. Koscheck has heart.
If you still hate this guy, you are officially a hater. Fans complained he layed and prayed his way to wins, so he changed his style. Now he stands and trades. Last night he took a fight against a guy who is light years ahead of his much improved standup, and took his beating like a man. Even if you hate Koscheck, you gotta respect the man for taking those shots and not finding a soft spot to go to sleep on the octagon mat. Did I mention he's fighting again in about a month?

4. Tyson Griffin and Sean Sherk are the same fighter, twelve years apart.
Joe Rogan did say it, but it was obvious watching the fight. These guys are mirror images of each other. Sherk landed a little more late in the fight than Griffin did, other than that, these are two great wrestlers who prefer to give the people what they want: kickboxing. It was a great fight, and turned out to be better than the main event.

5. Chicago fans suck.
I shouldn't even elaborate on this. If you watched this on PPV, you might have noticed. They were booing so often and so loudly I couldn't really tell why they were booing half the time. I usually could care less about booing and such, but they kinda got carried away with all the booing. Maybe they were booing because they showed Samardzija. In that case I agree. They should boo their hometown choke job Cubs, just not fighters.I hope the UFC doesn't go back to Chicago, ever.