Gerald Wallace Moving to South Beach?

Lucas RifkinContributor IOctober 26, 2008

It's completely possible.

The Charlotte Bobcats have reportedly been discussing the option of trading forward Gerald Wallace. Some have made a few rumors fly off deals that can go down. I have an idea that is likely and has an honest chance of actually happening.

It's simple—Wallace to the Miami Heat in exchange for combo forward Shawn Marion.

With a pretty wide difference in salary—Wallace is set to make a little over $8 million this season, with an increasing rate over his next four seasons, and Shawn Marion with a year remaining on his current deal at a little over $17 million—there would probably have to be more than just Wallace dealt to the Heat.

With Miami recently trimming its roster to the league limit of 15, and not looking to cut someone to make room for an extra player from Charlotte, the extra in this trade may end up having to be a draft pick.

The Heat, left without a first-rounder in the 2009 Draft due to a botched deal with Minnesota, certainly would enjoy having another selection. The Bobcats being, well, the Bobcats, would not want to lose their first-round selection due to the fact it may be a relatively high pick. So my idea is throwing a second-round pick into the equation.

The Heat gain a great young talent and a good amount of salary space. Wallace can be great for the future of Miami, while Marion may look for an exit route after this season.

The Bobcats gain a solid veteran combo forward to shore up their offense and possibly mentor the vast amount of young talent Charlotte possesses. Being that the 'Cats have more salary space than the Heat, and not as much risk of losing their star talent in two seasons, they can offer Marion the extension he so greatly desires and the possibility of making him their first or second option on offense.

As you see, the trade would be beneficial for both teams. But what do I know? I'm just some 17-year-old guy speculating. What's your opinion of this trade, and do you see anything else happening?