WWE: Analyzing WWE's Wresting Trinlity

Richard TilleyContributor IIIJune 17, 2011

Anybody who watches the WWE knows there's at least one of three main superstars who are always on top: Randy Orton, John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

Most people dislike these superstars because they are all liking certain qualities. But I have come to realize that they all have strengths and weaknesses that come together like a puzzle to run the company. Here's a look at what the qualities that make up the three musketeers of the WWE.

John Cena

Cena is the definite face of the WWE. What he lacks in wrestling ability and prestige, he more than makes up for in charisma and marketability. He can be described as Superman just because he is the perfect poster boy for the WWE.

Cena's wrestling style gets stale though however, hence came the name the five moves of doom. Being the Superman that he is, he can't lose without some kind of Kryptonite, whether that be an interference or some kind of cheating by his opponent.

More than ever, he's the supreme good guy. He is the embodiment of the character that the WWE wants to portray when thought of. Even though his wrestling skills aren't the best, his face is the most recognizable.

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is the epitome of the ultimate underdog and a man who has taken a long ride to get to where he is. Going from WCW to Mexico to WWE, most people recognize him as one of the top and the most famous cruiser weights in the world.

Mysterio's wrestling at his full potential is simply mesmerizing. As a very small guy, he won't be doing many slams and carries, but his light weight action and flips are amazing. He also doesn't mind take a backseat to the midcard, so he isn't as stale as the other two of the triad.

Unfortunately, his promo and mic skills aren't the best, and the masked man doesn't really fit as the face of the company (lame pun.) However his legacy with the Guerrerro's, his unique wrestling style, and his history of wrestling around the world makes Rey Mysterio a gargantuan in the WWE.

Randy Orton

To some people Randy is the second most recognizable face of the WWE. To me Orton represents flexibility. From a member of Evolution to the legend killer to the leader of Legacy to the Viper. He's also sort of the anti hero of the WWE, as opposed to John Cena's good guy perception.

Randy is the type of unpredictability and dark attitude needed to balance out the plain goody two shoes faces in the WWE. In ring he can hit anything at anytime and in promos he talks fearless and straightforward. He also has quite a bit of history, being a third generation superstar.

Unfortunately, he that bad boy persona just isn't in ring. He's affected the careers of Ken Kennedy and Kofi Kingston, and is responsible for the outrage of Christian losing his title in five days. He can also get a little bland and boring in ring, but still people love Randy Orton's dark persona.


If you pieced these three guys together then perfection would be made. However, these three wrestlers all have qualities that all make them themselves.

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