Texans-Vikings: Week Nine Predictions

Kevin RidgleyContributor IOctober 27, 2008

NFL Week Nine


We have reached the turning point of the NFL season, and now it is quite obvious which teams are out of the playoffs, but there are so many who need to up the notch just a little more to take the next step. 


Here are some of my predictions, analysis, and fantasy players to watch or avoid for this coming week.



Houston vs. Minnesota


In this game, watch for the rested Minnesota Vikings to take it to the Houston Texans.  Adrian Peterson should have a good game, as usual. Depending on which Houston team shows up, Houston should have a great game offensively. Minnestoa’s 20th-ranked defense against the pass may have problems against the Texans. I think Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson should put up some good numbers. Watch for a defensive no-show for both teams.


Fantasy Prediction

Gus Frerotte - 220 yds; 2 touchdowns; 1 int

Adrian Petersen - 120 yds; 1 touchdown

Chester Taylor - 65 yds; 1 touchdown

Brian Berrian – 80 yds; 1 touchdown


Matt Schaub – 280 yds; 2 touchdowns; 2 int

Steve Slaton – 80 yds; 1 touchdown

Andre Johnson – 125 yds; 1 td



Prediction: Houston 27, Minnesota 31


Watch for more upcoming predictions and analysis for the week. Feel free to leave comments!!