Is Brett Favre the New Vinny Testaverde

John GrahamCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

It is never easy to take a figure like Brett Favre and compare him to a guy like Vinny Testaverde. But it is time to cut to the chase and really take a look at reality.

From day one this year, Brett Favre could do no wrong by almost anybody's standards.  No matter how many INTs he threw, or how many bad decisions he made, there always seemed to be someone waiting to make an excuse for him. Well, as far as I am concerned, his excuses have run their course.

We have heard it all this season. Excuse after excuse talking about how it is a new playbook, or trouble adapting to new players that are causing his poor performance. I have even heard people talk about his age as a potential problem. The only thing I haven't heard is somebody stand up and say, "He just doesn't have what it takes anymore."

It is not easy to say, but it is time for people to wake up and face a cold reality. Brett Favre is just not the player he used to be, and his glory days are gone forever.

He has fallen from the days where he could do anything. He is just not the Brett Favre people fell in love with anymore. Unfortunately, he seems to be taking on the persona of the late Vinny Testaverde.

I know this may seem like a harsh comparison, but there are a few striking similarities that should be discussed.

First, and most obvious, he plays for the Jets.

Second, His stat sheet is somewhat similar when you compare the two. In Vinny's last season as the Jets' starting quarterback (16 game season), he threw 15 TDs and 14 INTs. Favre is sitting at 15 TDs and 11 INTs.

Third, Favre is demonstrating the same types of decision-making problems that Testaverde did. For example, throwing balls at well-defended receivers. Running backwards and losing extra yards on sacks (especially that sack by Wilfork against the Patriots).

His presence in the pocket always seems to be rattled and hurried, despite the intensity of the pass rush. The list goes on and on...

Fourth, Favre has been getting wins by his teammates constantly bailing him out of messes he has created. Leon Washington single-handedly kept the Jets alive against Kansas City. Had the game been left to Favre, the Jets would be at 3-4 right now. Not to mention, one could easily make the argument that Favre's play against the Patriots cost the Jets that win as well.

Fifth, Favre, like Testaverde, has started receiving "boos" from his own crowd. I know that it's a New York crowd, but to get to a point where they are booing a man with the credentials of Brett Favre just shows exactly how poor his performance has been.

Sixth, and lastly, Testaverde did not know when to hang it up and call it quits. Apparently neither does Favre. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Brett and all that he has accomplished in his storied career, but it is time for him to permanently retire. He is allowing himself to fall from greatness to mediocrity. He is, quite frankly, allowing himself to be compared to Vinny Testaverde.

It is hard to say this as a fan of both the Jets and Brett Favre, but the silly excuses need to stop. It is safe to say that the Jets were better off with Pennington, and I guess now we can all see why Green Bay didn't want Brett back.

Sorry Brett, but it is time for you to hang up your hat and enjoy your future induction into the Hall of Fame.