David Gilliland: His Finish too Bad to Waive Off?

Ayden ChamberlinContributor IOctober 27, 2008

Sunday at Atlanta, all of us "Gilly Gang" members were going crazy; we thought David Gilliland would finally impress all the fans around the world. But, one thing after another happened and David get the finish we expected of him. Gilliland ended up taking the 27th spot and all of us were asking the exact same question: "Why Did He Finish 27th?"

I mean, he drove the same car to a 19th in Dover! But, that doesn't matter in the big picture though. What matters is how much luck you've got and how smart of a driver you are.

Is David a smart driver? Yes. Was luck on his side last night? Hell no! If you didn't watch the race or didn't have your scanner on, this quote will sum it all up for you.

"Long green flag runs, chain broke somewhere around a tire, car just wasn't working with him. It was sad," (by one the most knowledgeable Gilly fans, MMGal).

Yep, pitting at the wrong time, a broken chain, and a car that just wasn't cooperating all caused this disappointing finish at Atlanta. But, things could've been worse. He could've been involved in that wreck near the end or had the major tire problems Michael Waltrip had!

So yes, maybe I'm blowing this off too easily, but what did David have to lose? He was never close to making the Chase. Though, maybe it's good that he got a chance to see which cars don't mesh with his style of driving!

Now, DG has reasons to wave this off, but do the fans? We've been waiting for a win all year and never got one!

Although, we did get to see that smokin' paint scheme of David's (it was f'n amazing!) and we did see David cut off Jimmie Johnson (you have to smile about that DG fans!).

So my advice is to stay on that roller-coaster yet Gilly fans, it's going to have a strong finish!