Strikeforce Overeem vs. Werdum: We Learned That Bigfoot Will Win Grand Prix

Guerrilla FightContributor IIJune 19, 2011

Big Foot Owns The Grand Prix
Big Foot Owns The Grand Prix

So here's what I learned tonight: Dana White has probably been right all along. This is pretty hard to swallow because I had been a Pride cool-aid drinker and a Strikeforce heavyweight believer. Now it's all just about exposed isn't it? 

The only heavyweight tonight that didn't embarrass himself during the fight was Josh Barnett. Brett Rogers' performance was so bad that we still really don't know where Barnett stands with his comeback. He simply didn't need more than the basics to put that fight away. Oh, and did I say Barnett didn't embarrass himself?

Well, I meant during the fight itself.

When Barnett doesn't make a fool of himself inside the fence, it's all just a matter of time. Just put a mic in front of him and he won't fail to disappoint in that area. Is the WWE act that Josh is still clinging to like an addict to his needle supposed to convince Dana White that Barnett has become a serious and reliable professional athlete?

Did Barnett cast away the notion that he's not someone White must worry will embarrass the UFC if Dana ever let's his guard down and gives Barnett a third-second chance not to abuse steroids?

Barnett's physique was even more lumpy than usual tonight, lending even more credence to the belief of most that he has been a habitual steroid abuser. A little tip Josh...Dana's not a huge pro wrestling fan.

Tonight, I also learned that the only Strikeforce heavyweight that has any shot against Velasquez, Dos Santos, Lesnar or Carwin is Bigfoot. Yes, I'm serious.

Naturally, the earlier Werdum vs. Dos Santos bout would just repeat itself, and all of the other top three UFC heavies would destroy Werdum just as easily.

As for the extra 40 lbs. of supposed whoop-ass that 'Reem put on... it doesn't seem like that will do him any good against any of the UFC top four, as his wind is substantially worse than all four guys. Also, his hands are just absolutely empty compared to Cain, Junior and Carwin.

Despite his kickboxing resume (which they say is stellar...hmm) 'Reem doesn't seem to have an ounce of pain in his hands. At the same time, 'Reem's been knocked out several few times, and each of the top four UFC heavies have proven chins.

Yes, that includes Lesnar. Brock doesn't survive Round 1 vs. Carwin with a glass jaw.

Did Overeem hurt Werdum on Saturday? Even once? According the fight stats, Werdum actually landed on 'Reem more...a full 30 percent more, as pathetic as he looked falling down for 15 minutes.

I mean, did the K1 champ 'Reem land a single big shot that hurt Werdum? No way. Not once. Not even close.

So tell me, who's left in this thing that can take Bigfoot out? Think about that question a bit before you answer. Because Antonio Silva accomplished something against Fedor that none of the guys left in this tourney have come close to doing...he beat the absolute crap out of Fedor on the feet, and on the ground. On the feet...AND on the ground. 

Not only have the rest of the field never accomplished that, there's not one of them that could ever possibly do it.

Have any of you, my dear readers, ever seen a guy sitting cage-side that literally wanted to get in the cage and fight on the spot the way Silva genuinely wanted to tonight? All over Silva's face it said "both of you guys are an appetizer to me." He had every reason not to be impressed.

Bigfoot will easily win this Heavyweight Grand Prix. That's the one important thing I learned tonight. What does that say about how "done" Fedor is at heavyweight if Silva wins the tourney? He won't look nearly so cooked.

I also think I learned that the majority of Strikeforce commentators will be getting a pink slip the very day that the Showtime deal expires...especially the idiotic Aussie on the undercard.

My God, does Joe Rogan look like a savant next to these clowns (except Bas of course). Can we just have a combination of Rogan, Bas, Florian, Couture, Bonnar and Mir do all the commentating. Can we please?

Oh, I learned one other thing...the older 'Reem should have hung 'em up years ago. Like before he went pro.