Boise State Football: 8 Opponents We'd Love to See on Future Schedules

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIJune 19, 2011

Boise State Football: 8 Opponents We'd Love to See on Future Schedules

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    In today's college football world teams who play in lesser conferences are going to have to do a lot more to earn respect than teams major conferences.

    One of the teams that has been fighting for that respect for the past decade is Boise State University's football team. All Boise State wants is a fair shot at the National Championship and there are a few ways to earn that.

    Fair or unfair an undefeated record for Boise is less impressive than an undefeated record from a team like Alabama and wins earned in the SEC have more value than wins in the WAC.

    In order for Boise State to earn the respect of the BCS they will have to play a tougher out of conference schedule. Boise State should try and play those tougher opponents in the next few years, even if it means going on the road.

    Here is a list of eight teams Boise could play to earn more respect and maybe help them get a chance to paly in the National Championship. 


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    One of the many dream match ups for college football fans on this list, a Boise State vs. Alabama game would draw amazing ratings and be a great game.

    Boise would love to play this game because a win against a great team like Alabama would help them earn some respect in the college football world and greatly raise their strength of schedule ranking.

    Alabama has very little reason to play this game and does not have to venture out of its conference to get extra wins since the SEC is so highly regarded.

    For this to realistically happen Boise would have to play this game on the road and risk losing an undefeated season. 


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    Another big time SEC team for Boise State to play, a win against LSU would mean as much, if not more than a win against Alabama.

    Almost the same situation as if Boise were to play Alabama, they could earn a ton of respect from the BCS with a win against an SEC contender and would also gain a lot of confidence.

    Also just like against Alabama, this game would be a road game for Boise because the game wouldn't be nearly as important for LSU as it would for Boise. 


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    Wisconsin played in the Rose Bowl last year and if Boise State could get a game against them it would be huge for their strength of schedule.

    The Big 10 is another big time college football conference and has the same reputation in the BCS as the SEC but has arguably lesser teams.

    Another road game for Boise State and another very tough game but with a win against Wisconsin and an undefeated season, Boise would have a legitimate shot at being invited to the title game. 


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    Another great game Boise State would love to see on their schedule, playing Oklahoma.

    A win against Oklahoma would mean as much as one against any other team on this list and would be huge for Boise's shot at a National Title bid.

    Oklahoma isn't quite as far as some of the other games but would still have to be played on the road for Boise and would be another tough game.

    Plus who wouldn't want to see a rematch of the epic 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

Ohio State

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    Ohio State University's recent slide could be something Boise State can take advantage of. 

    The Buckeyes could have a down year the next few seasons after losing their starting quarterback and head coach and if Boise could get a game with them they could get a big time win.

    Boise would still have to travel to Ohio State for the game but could really compete against the Buckeyes and potentially get a win against a Big 10 championship contender.

    Boise should jump on this opportunity while they still can and try to schedule a game against Ohio State in the next few years.


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    One of the few games that Boise State could potentially make a home game, would be a match against Stanford.

    Stanford is going to be a very good team this year with quarterback Andrew Luck returning to school and if Boise could get them on their schedule, it would be huge.

    Boise could easily beat Stanford and increase their strength of schedule with a win.


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    The loser of the last national championship game, Oregon would be another excellent game for Boise State. 

    The teams have played in the past and have had some epic games and another one could only help Boise State.

    Boise could get this as a home game and with a win, could be able to say they beat the runner-ups from last season.


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    Even without Cam Newton, a win against the defending champs would be huge for the Boise State Broncos.

    Knocking off the defending champions, especially on the road, would be a major win for Boise and earn them a ton of national respect.

    It would mean a win against an SEC contender and a win against the defending champions and it would be earned on the road.