2011 US Open Golf Scores: 10 Golfers Who Choked at Congressional Country Club

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IJune 20, 2011

2011 US Open Golf Scores: 10 Golfers Who Choked at Congressional Country Club

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    Congratulations, Rory McIlroy. Today, you stood alone in the golf world. Everyone can say the course was easier, but you still hit the shots, made the putts and finished. 

    Unfortunately, not everyone finished up to snuff this past weekend. There were a fair amount of disappointments, which could definitely be considered in choking territory.

    So what's the key to a good choke? You have to screw something up that is so easy that it's laughable, or not come close to the expectations that you have set for yourself. Most of the players on this list were believed to have a chance at a top 25, but most were far from that.

Sergio Garcia

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    I'm not saying Garcia should have won, but did you watch him on 18? He three-putted twice, ruining two rounds that were otherwise pretty solid.

    Garcia's game may be coming around, but some holes even his biggest supporters just scratch their heads at his decision. 

    By far the least of the chokes on this list. Promise that the next nine will be better.

Peter Uihlein

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    Is this a stretch? A little bit. But wasn't Uihlein the US Am champion? Wouldn't that mean that after a round of one-over par in the first mean that he should have played the weekend? 

    Normally, but Uihlein looked really bad on day two, and it cost him a chance at the next two rounds.

    You may be looking at a golfer who struggles in his first few years as a professional. 

    Uihlein may be a good golfer, but he is still yet to prove that he can translate. Look at Matt Kuchar, and how long it took him. Let's hope that isn't the situation with Uihlein. He is a very classy kid, and could bring some American pride if he could break through and find a way to succeed.

Luke Donald

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    I never thought Luke Donald was a favored player this week with the length of the course. His short game is good, but it can't compensate for as long as the course was set up. 

    A US Open would be the one major that Luke Donald will struggle in if the USGA continues to increase the length of the course.

    By no means a massive choke, but for sure a massive disappointment he couldn't have found the top 25.

Matteo Manassero

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    He's 18 years old, so yet again, a choke? Yes. Manassero was thought to be a dark horse this week, and certainly no one saw his T54 along Phil Mickelson coming.

    Manassero's game pointed to a top 25 finish being written on the wall, but unfortunately, his game faltered.

    He's got a lot of time to make up what he did this weekend, and in a few years we may see Manassero raising that trophy.

Adam Scott

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    He had Steve Williams on the bag, which had some people thinking that might be an advantage. Unfortunately for Scott, it spelled a missed cut.

    A combination of a few bad holes and the caddy not knowing your game inside out were the detriments to Adam Scott this week.

    Nothing overly negative from his performance except for the big holes that cost him the cut line.

Phil Mickelson

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    So yet again, we knew that Phil probably wouldn't come out the champion after this weekend's US Open. But we certainly didn't expect a six-over 77 in the third round to doom Phil from even being relevant.

    Phil apparently made a call to Harmon so he could work on his alignment before this weekend.

    Unfortunately, it looks like Phil may have to get another lesson to figure this out.

Bubba Watson

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    Another golfer everyone had high hopes for this week, but unfortunately Bubba did not come with his "A" game. He scrambled remarkably the first day to manage an even par 71. 

    From there, though, Watson couldn't make enough birdies to erase the big numbers. Watson had a double each of the last three rounds, something a tour pro does not want to see if they want to contend. 

    Watson's disappointment this weekend should serve as great motivation for the rest of the season, as he, along with everyone on this list, is capable of better.

Rickie Fowler

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    Fowler's missed cut looks like it had him about to get sick.

    Again, not favored, but Fowler had it going to make the cut. Then he let the big scores slow him down.

    Watching Fowler most holes, you wouldn't believe he missed the cut. It was those few holes that the bad swing or bad decision cost Fowler his weekend at Congressional.

    The turmoil of Fowler continues, and everyone will continue to ride him until he wins, because that is what he is capable of doing.

Hunter Mahan

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    Hunter Mahan hit 75 percent of his greens in two rounds. So why didn't he make the cut? Because he didn't make enough putts. An average of 1.83 putts per green is good for an amateur on US Open greens, but even Kevin Na had 1.67, and he shot 80 one day!

    With such a consistent swing, you would hope that Mahan could find his short game soon, because with it he would be a great player to watch.

Kevin Na

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    A professional golfer does not shoot 80. Especially when it's a par 71 course. And when that person is one of the best putters on the PGA Tour. I was shocked that Na didn't at least stick around for the weekend. His putting is a huge plus.

    Unfortunately, making all those putts doesn't count for much when you don't even hit half the greens. Putting can only make up for so much, and this week it couldn't hold Kevin Na up.