Duke Basketball: 15 Most Hated Players in Blue Devils History

Joe Rapolla Jr.Featured ColumnistJune 20, 2011

Duke Basketball: 15 Most Hated Players in Blue Devils History

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    Since Mike Krzyzewski, endearingly known as Coach K, took over the reigns of the Duke Blue Devils basketball program in 1980, the men from Durham have sat confidently on the pedestal of college basketball. 

    In the 31 years since the Coach K era began, the Blue Devils have won four NCAA titles and terrorized teams not only in the Atlantic Coast Conference but all throughout college basketball. 

    None of the Blue Devil faithful can talk anymore since they have been cheering for over three decades, yet Duke has developed a large number of haters throughout the rest of the country. 

    Cameron Crazies may want to look away, because here are the 15 most hated players in Blue Devils basketball history.

    (This list may as well be called a bunch of preppy guys and Grant Hill)

15. Erik Meek

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    Erik Meek wasn't any amazing player, but he was one of the nerdiest looking players in basketball history. 

    The fact that he was even an athlete and not an engineer or a lawyer just seemed unfair to every other guy in America. 

14. Mark Alarie

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    source: goduke.com
    source: goduke.com

    Mark Alarie was the typical example of a preppy, blond guy at Duke who looked like he should have spent more time on the golf course than the basketball course. 

    A big man at 6'8", Alarie was a powerful forward with a good outside shot and was part of the first really good team of the Coach K era.

    He led Duke to the 1986 NCAA final, where they lost to Louisville. 

13. Brian Davis

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    source: dukemagazine.duke.edu
    source: dukemagazine.duke.edu

    Brian Davis is not one of the top ranked players in Duke's history, yet he was a consistent fixture on the team from 1988-1992, where he went to two finals. 

    Davis is most hated for being the right hand man to Christian Laettner. He was Laettner's teammate for all four seasons of their college careers and the two do business together now.

12. Shavlik Randolph

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    People may not hate Shavlik Randolph as much as some other Blue Devils, yet he still has a lot of haters, primarily at NC State. 

    Largely considered a huge bust at Duke, Randolph was expected to go to NC State where he worked as a ball boy growing up. He ditched them last minute to play at the more prestigious Duke, and NC State fans are still wondering what could have been. 

11. Steve Wojciechowski

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    Steve Wojciechowski was Duke's point guard during his tenure at the school. He was also a frustratingly good defender, winning the NABC Defensive Player of the Year award in 1997. 

    He was largely hated outside of the Duke circuit for not only tearing up opposing teams' offenses, but also for his over-dramatic intensity while playing. He frequently would slap the floor, and it was extremely annoying. 

    He never leaves either; he is currently an assistant coach at Duke. 

10. Shane Battier

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    It must have been so annoying for players on opposing teams to hear the Cameron Crazies shout, constantly, "who's your daddy? Battier!" 

    Battier was not only a tantalizing defender, but he was also a fabulous scorer and a smart, well-spoken young man. He was so good you wanted to find his flaw.

    He led the Blue Devils to two Final Fours, and in 2001, he helped them beat the Arizona Wildcats to win it all. 

9. Johnny Dawkins

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    The current head coach of the Stanford basketball team, Johnny Dawkins didn't do anything too annoying while at Duke besides play really good and win. 

    He was a pure shooter and a fantastic passer. A classic point guard, he averaged over 20 points/game while always assisting others. 

    A relatively rare black star for Duke, Dawkins was on the 1986 team that really put Coach K on the map. 

8. Quin Snyder

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    Quin Snyder was another typical WASP-y player at Duke. Judging by his name alone, he sounds like he should be a professional golfer or own a yacht of some sort. 

    Snyder was a very good point guard, and helped lead Duke to three Final Fours. 

    The only way you could really root for Snyder and the serious look that was usually glued to his face was if you were a Blue Devil fan. 

    He succeeded off the field too; originally he got a J.D., but has since pursued a successful career in coaching. 

7. Bobby Hurley

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    Bobby Hurley has a crooked smile and a gawky physique that makes most guys want to hit him. He isn't the most intimidating looking guy either, and doesn't look like someone you would pin as an athlete.

    Naturally, Duke found the only white guy from Jersey City, New Jersey and unsurprisingly, he was a fantastic player for them and became one of the best passers in college ball. 

    Everytime he completed one of NCAA record 1,076 assists, every college basketball fan in the country outside of Durham ripped out some of their hair. 

6. Danny Ferry

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    Danny Ferry was part of a very dominating Duke team of the late 1980's. They went to three Final Fours with him as a member. 

    Ferry looked like more of a lawyer or a stock broker than any other Duke player ever, and that's saying something.

    For people to see him succeed so consistently as a Blue Devil was frustrating beyond belief. 

5. Grant Hill

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    People hated Grant Hill because he was smooth and cool. Just when you thought everyone on Duke was a white nerd, in comes Hill. 

    Hill won championships with Duke in 1991 and 1992 and led them back in 1994 but lost to Arkansas. 

    Hill really developed some haters when he made a desperation pass to Christian Laettner (No. 3 on this list) who made a game winning jumper over Kentucky in the 1992 March Madness tourney. Right when everyone thought Duke would lose, Hill said 'no can do.'

4. Jay Bilas

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    MILWAUKEE - MARCH 3: ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas gives life commentary before the game between the Marquette Golden Eagles and the Pittsburgh Panthers on March 3, 2007 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/
    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Jay Bilas was never a standout star at Duke since he was on an epic team with Mark Alarie, David Henderson, and Johnny Dawkins. 

    Despite being overshadowed, Bilas was a consistent contributor to a team that knew how to win. 

    Just like a good Duke graduate should, Bilas got his J.D. and then decided that he must continue to annoy everyone and go back to a career in sports.

    He is currently a basketball analyst for ESPN, where he is one of the most smug men on the network. 

3. Christian Laettner

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    Despite being a great shooter, holding numerous Duke and NCAA Tournament records, and being a great rebounder, Laettner had an engaging personality and was a handsome guy. 

    The Cameron Crazies loved him, for good reason, and everyone else hated him, for better reason. 

    Laettner is forever remembered for his game winning jump shot over Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. When the country started cheering the departure of Duke from the NCAA tourney, Laettner turned all their cheers to grunts. 

2. Chris Collins

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    CHARLOTTE, NC - MARCH 20:  Associate head coach Chris Collins of the Duke Blue Devils reacts while taking on the Michigan Wolverines during the third round of the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament at Time Warner Cable Arena on March 20, 2011 in Charlo
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    Chris Collins has one of the preppiest, nerdiest looks that sports have ever seen. 

    The son of former NBA coach Doug Collins, Chris Collins came off as a spoiled kid who through temper tantrums or over-celebrated. 

    Collins never made a shot without letting everyone know it, and opposing teams and their fans hated that. 

1. J.J. Reddick

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    DURHAM, NC - FEBRUARY 04:  Former Duke Blue Devil J.J. Reddick waves to the crowd after a speech for his jersey retirement during halftime of their game against the Florida State Seminoles at Cameron Indoor Stadium on January 4, 2007 in Durham, North Caro
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    J.J. Reddick was one of the most dynamic scorers during his time at Duke. 

    Although he never won a championship at Duke, Reddick set scoring records not only at Duke but was, at the time he graduated, the leading scorer in ACC history. 

    Reddick was good looking and extremely cocky, and was a pro at hitting a long three just when it looked like all hope was lost for the Blue Devils. 

    One thing is for sure, all hope is never lost for the Blue Devils. There teams of white bred, scrappy players never seem to leave the college basketball circuit.