Top 10 Online Logo Ideas for Winnipeg's New NHL Team

Joe StrummerContributor IIIJune 20, 2011

Top 10 Online Logo Ideas for Winnipeg's New NHL Team

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    Since the talk about a new NHL team coming to Winnipeg started getting serious, the amount of names and logos for the new team have been growing.

    As of right now, one day before the NHL's vote to make it official, tons of logos are going around the Internet as artists try to come up with something that people like and help them imagine what the new team could be wearing opening night at the MTS Centre.

    Here are some of the best ones around.

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Jets No. 1—Jacob Webster

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    This design by Jacob Webster won a design competition on It's a cool logo with an interesting colour scheme that would separate it from the original Jets, who shared the same colours with the Rangers and Canadians. 

Moose—Tyler Rodgers

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    I hate the idea of the Manitoba Moose name, but this design by Tyler Rodgers is fantastic; it has a unique colour scheme and great logo and shoulder patch.

Falcons No. 1—CM Design's Peter Lenart

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    Using similar colours to the original team and bringing in a popular name idea works well with CM Design's falcons logo.

Herd—Jacob Graczyk

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    Jacob Graczyk's logo of a bison head represents Manitoba well without using making the name sound too similar to the Manitoba University Bisons teams. The only setback is that Manitoba sports fans hate green for football reasons.

Royals—Slavo Kiss

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    Yes, it's a unicorn and it's green, but this logo is really cool.

Jets No. 2—Fraser Davidson

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    This updated Jets logo by Fraser Davidson was even shown in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Jets No. 3—Chootoi

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    This Jets update has a classic look that many would like.

Winterhawks—Craig C. Wheeler

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    This logo is from a logo design competition on The name wouldn't fly because of how similar it is to the Blackhawks', but the logo is cool and could be used with the falcons name.

Falcons No. 2—Sigma Kappa

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    This design by Sigma Kappa has been going around the internet for a while; it's a neat design, but very similar to the old Capitals logo from the the '90s and early 2000s.

More Logos

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    If anyone knows any awesome logo designs for Winnipeg's new team, post a link.

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