Final Penn State 3- Alabama 2

adam blackburnContributor IOctober 28, 2008

I know there is no exact science to what I am about to write,but in response to an article i read earlier in the week(we will leave the writer unnamed) I decided to write a quick description of why i think PSU is #3 and Why Alabama is still #2. This will turnout to be more of a comparison chart than an article. I am a Bama fan but i am open to any and all discussion or disagreement!

PSU                                      Alabama

Syracuse 1-6                     1 game point*(see Kentucky)

Coastal Carolina 4-5           Tulane 2-5

Temple 3-5                        Arkansas 3-5

Illinois 4-4                          Clemson 3-4

Purdue   2-6                       W. Kentucky 2-6

Wisconsin  4-4                   Mississippi  4-4

Michigan 2-6                     Tennessee 3-5

Ohio State 7-2                   Georgia 7-1 (1/2 game point)

(See Syracuse)                   *Kentucky 5-3

Total PSU-0 Game points        Alabama 1 and 1 half Game points

The win loss records of all the opponents that Bama and Penn State have faced according to my rough calculations Alabama has one more if not one and a half more "Game Points" according to losses than PSU. As i said b4 this is no exact science but this strength of schedule rating based on losses of all opponents is just one way i believe that justifies Bama a one spot advantage in the BCS. As not all teams have played equal amount of games this may be a little off ! I choose to go by losses instead of wins,but if I had PSU opponents have a combined 27 wins and Alabama opponents have a combined 29 wins so still roughly a 1 and a half to 2 "Game Point" advantage.

Comments appreciated