College Football: A Passionate Obsession for Extreme Fans

Scott PhillipsContributor IIIJune 20, 2011

Penn State fans show off their school pride
Penn State fans show off their school prideAl Messerschmidt/Getty Images

There is a magical time of year that many people in America look forward to more than any other. This period of time ranges from September to January and it is known as the college football season.

Sure, there are other sporting events that can get us through those other seven months such as the NBA Finals and the MLB All-Star game, but nothing quite compares to the thrill of watching athletes play for the love of the game, rather than the $75,000 weekly paycheck they will receive on Sundays.

College football is an obsession that can only be cured with a prescription calling for a Saturday in front of the television with no interruptions.

Whether you are a Trojan, a Buckeye, a Gator or a Bulldog, you all share a common bond. This is the thrill of watching your favorite team take the field every Saturday to thrash the other poor team that comes onto the field that day. It does not matter who the opponent is because your team is supposed to win, and if they didn't it's because it was a fluke.

After any given game it is an unwritten rule that you should start trash talking with your friends who support the other team, win or lose. If your team has just won the game, you should inform your pal numerous times of the final score and all of the things their team did wrong to lose the game.

However, if your team has just been defeated, you should immediately remind your friend that next year your team will be victorious and in their rightful place as winners.

College football is not a hobby or a way to get through a boring Saturday, it is a healthy disease.

What I mean by that is that once you catch the college football fever there is no going back.

You are sure to start working overtime in the offseason to be able to afford that 50" LCD television so that your arm chair refereeing will not be flawed by the lack of ability to see the replay in huge high-definition.

The common things you use everyday such as your car and your house will begin to shine the colors of your favorite school. It is no doubt that people will have no difficulty in deciding which team you root for.