2011 NBA Mock Draft: Projecting the Entire 2 Rounds with Analysis

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IJune 22, 2011

The time has come for our first full two-round mock draft in preparation for the 2011 NBA Draft. We've issued several mocks over the course of the past few months, and we've scouted all of the major prospects, including some sleepers that could shock some people at the next level.

We've weighed our past mocks, scouting reports, team needs and trade rumors, and we've finally come to a final two-round conclusion: We have no idea what is going to happen.

Truly, no one does, but we're here to take our best crack at it. So, check out who we're predicting to go where and why, and then come back on the big day to see how the 2011 NBA Draft pans out while we chat live and track the draft with our live draft tracker.

Here's our current two-round mock with analysis:

Round 1

1.  Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving, PG, Duke

We've been switching back and forth with this pick, and while our logic suggests Derrick Williams should go No. 1, it looks like Cleveland will go the usual route and build from the ground up with a franchise point guard. They have Baron Davis and Ramon Sessions, but neither have the potential that Irving does.

Other possibility: Derrick Williams

2.  Minnesota Timberwolves - Derrick Williams, F, Arizona

Perhaps the Timberwolves won't trade this pick, after all. If Williams is here, it becomes more likely that Minnesota trades Michael Beasley and/or some other players instead. Then again, maybe they make this pick for another team (say, Indiana?), and then complete a blockbuster trade. Either way, if Williams doesn't go first, he goes second.

Other possibility: Trade, Enes Kanter

3.  Utah Jazz - Enes Kanter, F/C, Kentucky

I think the Jazz really have their eyes on Brandon Knight or Jimmer Fredette, but Kanter has the potential to be the best big man in this draft, and the Utah brass knows it. They can always trade up for Knight or cross their fingers that Fredette drops to them at No. 12, as well.

Other possibility: Brandon Knight, Jimmer Fredette

4.  Cleveland Cavaliers - Jan Vesely, SF, Czech Republic

Mock drafts everywhere could literally be destroyed by the second pick (heck, maybe by the first), but if the Cavs go after Irving early and Enes Kanter is gone, the athletic Vesely has to be their second choice. Vesely is still pretty raw, but he brings tremendous versatility and potential on both ends of the floor, making him a great pick at the fourth spot.

Other possibility: Jonas Valaciunas, Donatas Motiejunas

5.  Toronto Raptors - Brandon Knight, PG, Kentucky

I've finally bought into the notion that the Raptors not only need a franchise point guard, but that they're not so foolish that they'd pass on a gem like Knight. Jose Calderon and Jerryd Bayless are both one-dimensional point guards (one a distributor and the other a scorer), and are best suited for change-of-pace roles. Knight brings elite athleticism and potential to be a beast on both ends of the court.

Other possibility: Jonas Valanciunas, Donatas Motiejunas, Kawhi Leonard

6.  Washington Wizards - Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

Washington has a pretty solid option at every spot except small forward at the moment, and with Nick Young potentially leaving as a restricted free agent, it becomes an even bigger problem area. Leonard also brings a defensive mind-set the Wizards just don't have right now, along with great fundamentals and solid versatility.

Other possibility: Tristan Thompson, Jonas Valanciunas

7.  Sacramento Kings - Jonas Valanciunas, C, Lithuania

This is probably where a lot of people are looking for Jimmer Fredette or Kemba Walker to land, but with Samuel Dalembert possibly leaving via free agency, the Kings need to address the center position. Valanciunas is still raw, but he has the frame and skills to play the position, while Donatas Motiejunas could also be an interesting pick if the team feels DeMarcus Cousins can handle the middle of the paint full-time.

Other possibility: Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette, Donatas Motiejunas

8.  Detroit Pistons - Kemba Walker, PG, UConn

Detroit could really stand to get bigger and meaner inside, but there's an argument that there aren't any bigs with enough value for this spot that they love. Add in their inconsistent backing of point guard Rodney Stuckey, and adding a new franchise point guard starts to make a lot of sense.

Other possibility: Alec Burks, Donatas Motiejunas

9.  Charlotte Bobcats - Tristan Thompson, PF, Texas

Charlotte could go after some point guard help, but they might be better off attacking their guard spots via free agency at this point. If they don't take Fredette here, an inside presence is the most likely pick. Thompson has some work to do, but he has immense potential and could be a star offensive player for an offensively inept Charlotte squad.

Other possibility: Jimmer Fredette, Jordan Hamilton

10.  Milwaukee Bucks - Alec Burks, G/F, Colorado

Michael Redd is probably on his way out, while Milwaukee has a ton of one-dimensional shooters or role players at the 2-guard. Its time for a change. They could really use some extra offense, but with Burks they get a guy with offensive potential, some versatility and the ability to play the intense type of defense Scott Skiles preaches.

Other possibility: Bismack Biyombo, Jordan Hamilton, Tyler Honeycutt

11.  Golden State Warriors - Bismack Biyombo, C, Congo

Golden State appears to have the answers on offense, but its the defensive side of the ball where they really lack an impact presence. With Burks gone, they'll turn to the big men available to give them a lift, and few can match the potential impact of the explosive defensive play-making Biyombo could provide. He's a child on offense, but he could easily give the Warriors 20-plus minutes as a defensive stopper right away.

Other possibility: Tyler Honeycutt, Jordan Hamilton

12.  Utah Jazz - Jimmer Fredette, PG, BYU

And here he lands. Fredette has proven through workouts and combine numbers that he can be effective at the next level, as he packs an elite offensive punch and appears to have the athleticism and skills to man the point and even play effective defense. Utah gets lucky with their hometown hero dropping to 12, even though he could easily go as high as No. 7.

Other possibility: Trade, Klay Thompson, Tyler Honeycutt

13.  Phoenix Suns - Chris Singleton, F, Florida State

I still think the Suns will consider trading up to nab Steve Nash's successor (Fredette), but if they don't, they'll likely shift the focus to a big man with some skills and versatility. The athletic Singleton brings all of that and more to the table, and could be a perfect fit in Phoenix's high-octane offense.

Other possibility: Jordan Hamilton, Tyler Honeycutt

14.  Houston Rockets - Donatas Motiejunas, PF, Lithuania

Yao Ming is constantly injured and might retire, while Brad Miller and Chuck Hayes are clearly stopgaps on the inside for Houston. With solid guard/wing play, Houston's obvious weakness is their depth inside, making the falling Motiejunas an excellent value pick. He's raw, but he has great skills and potential to be a very solid contributor within two to three years.

Other possibility: Marcus Morris

15.  Indiana Pacers - Jordan Hamilton, G/F, Texas

Whether the Pacers swing a trade or not, they'll likely be looking for a little outside shooting help. Hamilton brings that and more offensively, making him a perfect pick here at No. 15. Remember, Indiana has been involved in trade rumors (particularly with Minnesota), so don't be shocked to see them trade up out of this spot.

Other possibility: Trade, Klay Thompson, Marcus Morris

16.  Philadelphia 76ers - Tyler Honeycutt, G/F, UCLA

Philadelphia has been talking about possibly trading star G/F Andre Iguodala for some time now, while last year's top pick Evan Turner still hasn't panned out as expected. The versatile and offensively gifted Honeycutt could be brought on to replace Iggy or start over Turner. Either way, the 76ers will improve their overall offense and versatility with this pick.

Other possibility: Klay Thompson, Marcus Morris

17. NBA New York Knicks - Klay Thompson, SG, Washington State

New York definitely needs some inside help to assist Amar'e Stoudemire, but there's a good chance they go after that need in free agency. They'll find it hard to pass up an elite shooter and big guard with the offensive game Thompson possesses. He'd be an upgrade over the slumping Landry Fields, or could be a solid contributor off the bench.

Other possibility: Marshon Brooks, Marcus Morris

18.  Washington Wizards - Marcus Morris, F, Kansas

There's no way Morris should fall this far, but based off of need and potential in this draft, it could easily happen. He's still a top-20 selection, however, and not someone the Wizards can let slip through their hands. They have Andray Blatche at the power forward spot currently, but Morris would translate into elite depth.

Other possibility: Trey Thompkins, Kenneth Faried

19.  Charlotte Bobcats - Kyle Singler, G/F, Duke

The Bobcats went after their interior offense/defense with a big man at No. 9, allowing them to make a safer pick down at No. 19. Singler brings excellent fundamentals and shooting to a team badly needing it, along with the athletic and skill-set versatility to play guard or forward. Michael Jordan will find it difficult to pass on such an intelligent and effective talent this far down.

Other possibility: Tobias Harris, Marshon Brooks, Markieef Morris

20.  Minnesota Timberwolves - Marshon Brooks, SG, Providence

Regardless of any trades the Timberwolves swing, shooting guard will probably remain their next position to attack, especially given the talent at center at this point in the draft. Brooks brings elite shooting and scoring to the table for a Minnesota team that could stand to get more balanced.

Other possibility: Kenneth Faried, Markieff Morris, Tobias Harris

21.  Portland Trail Blazers - Nolan Smith, PG, Duke

A lot of people continue to believe Smith isn't a first-round point guard, but all the guy does is bring timely offense and solid leadership to the table. With the ability to find the open man and play solid defense, Smith could be an excellent addition to a team that is looking for a way to move on from veteran point guard Andre Miller.

Other possibility: Kenneth Faried, Tobias Harris, JaJuan Johnson

22.  Denver Nuggets - Tobias Harris, SF, Tennessee

The Nuggets have Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler in place, but they could really use some talent and depth at small forward. Harris is probably one to two years away from seriously contributing anyways, but he has the talent and potential to be a star if he puts in the work.

Other possibility: Kenneth Faried, Markieff Morris

23.  Houston Rockets - Markieff Morris, PF, Kansas

The Rockets should have arguably went after a "Morris brother" earlier in the draft, but once they see Markieff fall to them here, they'll have to jump at the pick. Both Morris brothers have the talent to go much higher than they I have them going in this mock, but if either of them endure a huge fall, it'll be the more defensive-minded one (Markieff). Which, ironically, is exactly what the Rockets need.

Other possibility: JaJuan Johnson, Justin Harper

24.  Oklahoma City Ghunder - JaJuan Johnson, F/C, Purdue

Kendrick Perkins was disappointing during the Thunder's playoff run this past season, while Nick Collison can't be the only defensive reinforcement Oklahoma City relies on consistently. Johnson brings some solid inside scoring and can make a big impact on defense, while he can even play some center if he gets a little bigger and stronger.

Other possibility: Kenneth Faried, Shelvin Mack, Justin Harper

25. NBA team logo Boston Celtics - Jeremy Tyler, PF, USA

With no Shaq or Kendrick Perkins, the aging Celtics clearly need to find some sort of an answer inside for both ends of the floor. Tyler may be a few years away from being a stud, but he has the size and versatility to help as a rookie. Even if he can't help right now, he's a great piece to the puzzle for the future.

Other possibility: Trey Thompkins, Justin Harper, Chandler Parsons

26.  Dallas Mavericks - Jon Leuer, F, Wisconsin

It sounds a bit crazy for Dallas to reach for Leuer, but he actually has a bit of a Nowitzki-esque game, and brings solid athleticism and versatility to the table for his size. Worst case scenario, Leuer can bring a good outside shot to the table for a veteran team that could be saying good-bye to a number of aging free agents.

Other possibility: Kenneth Faried, Trey Thompkins

27.  New Jersey Nets - Trey Thompkins, PF, Georgia

Even if Kris Humphries comes back, the Nets know they need more strength inside. Thompkins can provide exactly that, and projects as a more complete option for the long-term.

Other possibility: Shelvin Mack, Josh Selby, Kenneth Faried

28.  Chicago Bulls - Kenneth Faried, PF, Morehead State

Chicago really needs another shooter, but they won't be able to pass on the gritty Faried as he slips all the way down to No. 28. He could be gone up to 10 picks earlier, but he somehow falls to the Bulls, who could use another big body that doesn't mind doing the dirty work inside.

Other possibility: Shelvin Mack, Nikola Vucevic, Justin Harper

29.  San Antonio Spurs - Chandler Parsons, F, Florida

San Antonio gets a little younger here with Parsons, but they still get the smart play and fundamentals of a veteran. Parsons has the size and skills to be a solid player at the next level, along with the humility and team-first mentality to carve out a specific role that helps the team.

Other possibility: Shelvin Mack, Josh Selby, Davis Bertans

30.  Chicago Bulls - Shelvin Mack, G, Butler

Sooner or later the Bulls will have to nab a shooter, and they might as well grab the falling Mack to end the first round. Mack is under-size for the two spot, but he has the skills and versatility to play both guard spots, while his shooting can't go unnoticed. He'll provide an offensive spark off then bench at the very least as a rookie.

Other possibility: Josh Selby, Justin Harper, Darius Morris

Round 2

31.  Miami Heat - Josh Selby, G, Kansas

If Mario Chalmers isn't the long-term answer at the point, perhaps Selby is. Selby is at the very worst a solid scoring combo guard, while it remains to be seen if he has the proper skills and leadership to man the point at the next level. Miami could easily go after a big man here, as well, but Selby is still a heck of a talent to steal with the first pick of the second round.

Other possibility: Keith Benson, Norris Cole, Malcolm Lee

32.  Cleveland Cavaliers - Justin Harper, PF, Richmond

Cleveland gets a little tougher inside as they add depth to their bigs with Harper.

Other possibility: Nikola Vucevis, Keith Benson, Davis Bertans

33.  Detroit Pistons - Keith Benson, C, Oakland

Detroit got their point guard of the future in Kemba Walker early, and now they land some great size and potential in Benson. Benson needs to get bigger and stronger for the next level, but the size, athleticism, and skills are there for him to take the next step.

Other possibility: Davis Bertans, Darius Morris, Nikola Vucevic

34.  Washington Wizards - Darius Morris, G, Michigan

Washington already is set at point guard and shooting guard, but adding a solid combo guard like Morris to the mix can't hurt their depth.

Other possibility: Malcolm Lee, Norris Cole, Nikola Vucevic

35.  Sacramento Kings - Malcolm Lee, G, UCLA

Some wonder if Lee can be a true point guard at the next level, but few can question his talent. He has the athleticism and size to be a solid contributor at either guard spot and is a solid value pick for the Kings.

Other possibility: Norris Cole

36.  New Jersey Nets - Nikola Vuvecic, F/C, USC

Vuvecic needs to get stronger and less predictable inside, but he still brings solid offensive and rebounding ability to the table, while the Nets simply add to a strength.

Other possibility: Davis Bertans, Travis Leslie, Cory Joseph

37.  Los Angeles Clippers - Davis Bertans, F, Latvia

The Clippers grab a big man who can shoot the lights out in Bertans. He's a ways away from contributing regularly, but has the talent and shooting touch to be groomed into a solid role player.

Other possibility: Rick Jackson, Jimmy Butler, Norris Cole

38.  Houston Rockets - Nikola Mirotic, F, Montenegro

Houston already has talented guards and has added some big men in this draft, but Mirotic has great size and a nice shooting touch, so it will be hard to pass him up. He still has a ways to develop, but he could be a guy the Rockets stash for a year or two until he's ready.

Other possibility: Jimmy Butler, Ricky Jackson, Gilbert Brown

39.  Charlotte Bobcats - Cory Joseph, PG, Texas

Joseph has plenty of skills and talent, but his early departure from Texas could have him falling into the second round. Charlotte already has a point guard from Texas, but they'll bring in Joseph for strong competition.

Other possibility: Norris Cole, Travis Leslie, Lacedarius Dunn

40.  Milwaukee Bucks - Norris Cole, PG, Cleveland State

Brandon Jennings shoots horribly from the floor and the Bucks could really use another point guard as a change of pace on the floor. Cole brings great offense and solid potential as a backup.

Other possibility: Travis Leslie, Jimmy Butler, Rick Jackson

41.  Los Angeles Lakers - David Lighty, SG, Ohio State

Los Angeles isn't likely to mess with their current roster much, but adding an elite shooter like Lighty certainly can't hurt.

Other possibility: Lacedarius Dunn, Demetriy McCamey, E'Twaun Moore

42.  Indiana Pacers - Demetri McCamey, PG, Illinois

McCamey has seen his stock plummet over the past year, but we still think he has the leadership and point guard skills to play at the next level. Darren Collison still hasn't proven he can be the answer long-term for Indiana, so adding depth with McCamey should at least fuel some positive competition.

Other possibility: Reggie Jackson, Andrew Goudelock, Ben Hansbrough

43.  Golden State Warriors - LaceDarius Dunn, SG, Baylor

We've always been impressed with Dunn's athleticism and offense, but he doesn't have a feel for team basketball whatsoever. His court awareness needs a ton of work, and he needs to give a better effort on defense. Sounds like a fit for Golden State.

Other possibility: Travis Leslie, E'Twaun Moore, Reggie Jackson

44.  Chicago Bulls - E'Twaun Moore, SG, Purdue

Chicago grabs another talented shooter and scorer with Moore here. They already have Mack, but he could end up playing behind Rose at the point, while Moore is specifically just a shooting guard.

Other possibility: Reggie Jackson, Jimmy Butler, Rick Jackson

45.  New Orleans Hornets - DeAndre Liggins, SG, Kentucky

New Orleans needs to get Chris Paul some scoring help before he jets for a team with a "big three." He might be gone anyways, but a talented player with solid potential like Liggins can't hurt, regardless.

Other possibility: Travis Leslie, Jimmy Butler, Reggie Jackson

46.  Los Angeles Lakers - Travis Leslie, G/F, Georgia

An athletic freak that doesn't have a ton of range on his jumper and doesn't have a true position. However, he could be a defensive stopper with the Lakers until his offense catches up.

Other possibility: Reggie Jackson, Jimmy Butler, Gilbert Brown

47.  Los Angeles Clippers - Jimmy Butler, SF, Marquette

The Clippers continue to try to find an answer at small forward, as the balanced Butler makes a solid pick-up.

Other possibility: Greg Smith, Gilbert Brown, Rick Jackson

48. NBA logo Atlanta Hawks - Ben Hansbrough, PG, Notre Dame

Kirk Hinrich and Jeff Teague are solid, but Atlanta could use some more scoring out of the point guard position. Hansbrough brings leadership and elite shooting.

Other possibility: Rick Jackson, Greg Smith, Reggie Jackson

49.  Memphis Grizzlies - Reggie Jackson, G, Boston College

Memphis gets a solid combo guard who can score effectively in Jackson.

Other possibility: Jacob Pullen, Iman Shumpert, Gilbert Brown

50.  Philadelphia 76ers - Greg Smith, PF, Fresno State

Philly needs to get stronger inside, and they try to accomplish that by adding Smith.

Other possibility: Rick Jackson, Gilbert Brown, Chris Wright

51.  Portland Trail Blazers - Gilbert Brown, SG, Pittsburgh

Portland already has a ton of talent to work with, but they'll grab Brown, who has the perfect size to play shooting guard, and has some untapped potential.

Other possibility: Rick Jackson, Chris Wright, Scotty Hopson

52.  Denver Nuggets - Iman Shumpert, G, Georgia Tech

Shumpert flies well below the radar despite his outstanding size, versatility, and athleticism. He still has work to do and doesn't have a clear position, but he could help the Nuggets in a number of ways on either side of the floor.

Other possibility: Rick Jackson, Austin Freeman, Steven Gray

53. NBA Orlando Magic - Jacob Pullen, G, Kansas State

Pullen is under-sized and doesn't have a clear position, but he brings elite outside shooting to a team that loves the deep ball.

Other possibility: Chris Wright, Scott Hopson, Jon Diebler

54.  Cleveland Cavaliers - Rick Jackson, PF, Syracuse

Cleveland could use a wing, but they get even stronger inside by adding another solid big in Jackson.

Other possibility: Chris Wright, Scott Hopson, Steven Gray

55. NBA team logo Boston Celtics - Tim Ambromaitis, F, Notre Dame

Boston drafts a solid offensive player out of Notre Dame for the second year in a row, with the intention of actually hanging onto this one. Ambromaitis is an elite shooter who can score in a number of ways.

Other possibility: Chris Wright, Scott Hopson, Jon Diebler

56.  Los Angeles Lakers - Chris Wright, SF, Dayton

Los Angeles adds on a potential-ridden forward in Wright, who will have a couple years to learn from the bench.

Other possibility: Scott Hopson, Steven Gray, Malcolm Thomas

57.  Dallas Mavericks - Scotty Hopson, SF, Tennessee

Dallas adds an athletic scorer who can also defense in Hopson.

Other possibility: Steven Gray, Jon Diebler, Austin Freeman

58.  Los Angeles Lakers - Steven Gray, SG, Gonzaga

The Lakers continue to add solid offensive talent that can be groomed into reliable role players. Gray offers clutch ability and timely offense.

Other possibility: Jon Diebler, Austin Freeman, Malcolm Thomas

59.  San Antonio Spurs - Jon Diebler, SG, Ohio State

The Spurs go the old fashioned route and find an elite shooter (arguably the best in the draft) in the one-dimensional Diebler. It's all he really does, but he does it at an insanely high level.

Other possibility: Austin Freeman, Josh Harrellson, Jamie Skeen

60.  Sacramento Kings - Austin Freeman, SG, Georgetown

The Kings add some depth with the offensively gifted Freeman.

Other possibility: Jamie Skeen, Malcolm Thomas, Josh Harrellson

We're still working out the final issues with how we feel about certain prospects and what we think teams will do when it all counts on June 23rd, so check back at NBASoup.com for our final 2011 NBA Mock Draft, and feel free to stop by the night of the draft for our live chat and live draft tracker!

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