B/R Interview: Terrence Phillips, 2015's Best Guard Talks AAU and More!

Zach HerringCorrespondent IIJune 22, 2011

Terrence Phillips, 5’10", is a class of 2015 point guard who plays for Worldwide. Phillips is known for being an explosive scorer, as well as for having great court vision. He also is the younger brother of Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings. Watch for Phillips to be one of the best basketball and/or football recruits to come out of the 2015 class.

I recently did an interview with Phillips.


ZH: As far as basketball is concerned, what are you working on this summer to become a better player?

TP: I’m working on my shot and my ball-handling this summer.

ZH: How is your AAU team doing this season?

TP: Great, we’re winning 95 percent of our games, and I really think we’re the best team out there.

ZH: What’s your personal best game this season?

TP: The game I had 30-some points against Atlanta Express in the final four.

ZH: What kind of advice does your brother give you?

TP: He always tells me to just keep working hard.

ZH: Is there ever pressure to be good or play well, being the younger brother of an NBA player?

TP: Yes, there is, because once people find out who I am and who my brother is, they really try to go at me.

ZH: You’re also very good at football. What position do you play?

TP: I play quarterback and running back.

ZH: Would you say you’re better at football or basketball?

TP: To be honest, I really don’t even know.

ZH: Which sport do you plan on playing once you get to college?

TP: Probably football, but that could change.

ZH: Does Brandon push you to become a better player in both sports? Or would he rather see you play basketball?

TP: Yeah, he pushes me to be a better player, but he just tells me to do what I want.

ZH: Any college offers yet?

TP: Not yet.