CM Punk: Does Anyone Smell a Chicago Screw Job in the Air?

Peddie OrtonContributor IIIJune 23, 2011

CM Punk, the leader of The New Nexus, The Straight-Edge Superstar is now one of the hottest Wrestlers to follow today. He is one of the best Technical wrestlers of his generation and right now he could be the best wrestler in the World as he claims on Monday Night Raw.

CM Punk is a former three-time World Heavyweight Champion, with one of the best gimmick in wrestling today. He is also a former World Tag Team Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion and a two time Money in the Bank winner. Now, these are just some stats of what CM Punk has achieved at the age of 32.

Now on the main point of this article, there have been rumours going around the Internet that have the IWC really upset that CM Punk was going to leave WWE after his contract. Almost all the members of the IWC were upset about this, but none of this was confirmed until last Monday Night’s Raw.

It was revealed on Sunday at Capital Punishment PPV that CM Punk was planning to make history in the WWE after he defeated Rey Mysterio. He went on to defeat Little Rey in the longest match of the night, therefore breaking his PPV record of losses, his first win since Extreme Rules last year.

We all wanted to hear about Punk’s announcement but were forced to wait a bit longer until the next night’s Raw.

Raw started and we were all treated with a special promo from CM Punk where he claims to be the No. 1 contender for John Cena’s WWE Title.

He was not granted a match right away from the Raw GM but he was granted a Triple Treat No. 1 contender's match with Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio, which he won.

Then came the shocking news from CM Punk. He revealed the his WWE contract was expiring on the 17th of July and he will not be re-signing with the company. Now this may all be right, but what coincidence is it for CM Punk’s contract to expire on the night of WWE’s biggest match concept PPV? Not much.

I think WWE will screw CM Punk in front of his hometown crowd just like they did to Bret Hart in 1997. This is being considered a way to get Punk off of TV since he is not resigning with the company.

WWE can either do this in two ways; one, do it without his permission, that is the way they did Bret Hart or number two they do it as a storyline and have Punk play the role of getting screwed in front his hometown.

Either way they do it, things will always be seen that WWE screws CM Punk. Let’s just hope this does not happen. It is just a little prediction of what may happen.  Thank you for reading.